Light Workers Creed

We wake at dawn to greet the sun to thank Creator for another day begun.
We pray to the directions, words of peace of love and global healing. Amping up our light, our energy, our Chi.
We spend time in nature, maybe even hug a tree, but always in reverence on bended knee, do we take from our Mother for our herbal teas.
We light a candle, burn incense and white sage, as we cleanse ourself, our pets, the room and our spirit guides too.
We check on friends on the worldwide web and count out our blessings, as we rub the crystal around our necks.
We heal the sick and teach and craft, we are here to serve, uplifting is our task.
We gather in groups where the energies are stronger, we laugh, we sing, we heal and dance and… ponder.
We care for our families, blood or other, we cherish our pets, show respect to our demi gods and especially our mother.
We feed them organic nutrition to keep them strong and pro biotic yogurt pots, to keep them young.
We wind down at night with the rising of the Moon and we give thanks once again for the blessings, we thank the Stars, the Air, the Sun, the Moon.
We blow out the candles, let the incense burn, as we drift on the smoke into other worlds, where we continue our work.
A lightworker it seems is always on call, a kind of Mid Wife here to help, Re-Birth it all.



Mitakuye Oyasin




14 thoughts on “Light Workers Creed

  1. This is so beautiful, Maria, it brought tears to my eyes. And the truth of it brought peace to my heart. Thank you! Thank you, for all that you do, and for all that you are!

    Sweet blessings to you and those held in your heart! ❤


    • It was an accident / typo Dear Maria.

      The highlighted credit back to your site had accidentally linked to the last line of your poem and not your name for some reason. I changed it immediately after.

      I am not here to plagiarize at all. I am here to share the good word of others with deep respect for the original creator.

      Thank You for your understanding & for your beautiful work. I appreciate you.

      IAM MARIA TERESA 🙏 aka Tessa ❤️

      I look forward to exploring more of your site. x

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