Living Mind fully – Meditation

Throw back Thursday ❤

Maria Wind Talker

  • Basically means Consciously creating in every moment.

    To do this we first should become aware of how our mind (Ego) Heart (Truth) and Solar Plexus (Intuition/Creativity) work together in every moment, affecting our decisions, moods and actions.

    Becoming fully present in each moment will enable us to consciously create from a place of knowing, love and balance.

    In this, ever time conscious reality, we often make rash decisions based on a quick thought which we later regret  and end up only hurting ourselves and others, unwittingly.

    It is fair to say at this point, that no judgement should be passed on either yourself or another, not only during this meditation but in all interactions…

    So lets take a journey into the now…

    If you are driving pull over NOW!!

    Turn off all distractions and make yourself comfortable….

    Once settled, take 3 deep long breaths down into your tummy…breathing in Love and exhaling…

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