Hi everyone, welcome to my blog.

My Journey so far….

I was born a fighter, 4 weeks premature after mum took a tumble down the stairs.

My Awakening happened at the age of  2 when I was taken from the garden by local kids and thrown into New Miller Dam. I was rescued by a midwife who swam the entire breadth to get me, I had been. 61/2 mins under the water and was D.O.A! 

We lived next to woods with a stream and a horse field, where I would spend most of my time during the 7 years we lived there.  Always felt connected to nature more than people, my mum loved animals too but never got her head round my ‘emotional’ connection to Everything!! 

It used to freak my mum out when she would come looking for me and find me sat in the horse field surrounded by horses all sniffing and nudging me or when she would see me sat in the garden talking to my outstretched arms, which were covered in wasps, bees or butterflies.

I have always ‘known’ what others are feeling beyond the façade they showed to the world, which often got me in trouble. Not many people appreciate their vulnerabilities brought to the light, especially by a 6yr old lol

I also knew when people weren’t telling the whole truth or expanding on it, which got me into trouble again, especially when id catch my mum exaggerating to my uncle (in Greek) and I would correct her.  I didn’t speak Greek till I was 17yrs old. Lol

And still today, I don’t suffer fools gladly…

My obsession with Native Americans must have started very young because my earliest memory of NA stuff was when I had the measles age 4 and mum asked if I wanted any sweets from the shop. I said no but can I have a bag of cowboy and Indians please? I still have a clear image of opening the bag and playing with them in bed, killing all the cowboys!

By the age of 6 I was having very scary encounters from the spirit world and at age 10 my mum took me to see psychiatrist, thinking I was loony tunes. Luckily the DR was open minded enough and put it down to ‘an over active imagination’ but of course, to mum and the rest of the family, I was Satan’s child! To be fair, Satan’s child would have loved it… Me…I was petrified! And it wasn’t till my mum died in 1996 that I began my journey of facing my fears and embracing my gifts.

I grew up surrounded by friends, I guess iv’e always been lucky that way seen as I was never miss popular in school, always fighting for the underdog, always on the edge of things, never quite mixing in. A bit like oil n water, mix for a bit then settle in comfortably alongside one another.  However, the friends I had there were beautiful people, some im still in contact with today. Though I had/have good friends, ive always felt different, separate in some way and can feel ‘alone’ (not to be confused with lonely) surrounded by my closest friends and family. In fact ive always enjoyed being on my own, in my own head, especially when out in nature.

From the ages of 4-20 I spent my life half in the UK and half in Cyprus being raised by my Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles. Id go back and forth, 6mnth here 6mnth there etc. I never fit in there really and the more I tried, the more obvious I wasn’t like them and often asked my mum if I had been adopted!! 

My Granddad used to say to me all the time, ‘Maria, you are here for a reason’ like I had an important thing to bring to the world but he never said what apart from that ‘I was Special’. As a child, witnessing the physical/mental abuse of my mum by my dad, being bullied in school, sexually abused, rejected by my family and haunted by Spirit. Being told I was Special and here for a reason just played on all my fears and insecurities. When he first started saying it to me at 4yr old im sure I felt special like a princess, but, as the years went by I thought I was going to be used in some Religious sacrifice or sold into some kiddie porn ring! 

My journey 1996 started with a tarot reading which led to me doing a psychic development course, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Regression, EFT, stand up mediumship, Psycho-pomp, teaching, which was my fav.

My main passion is Native American Culture, so very close in ilk to Paganism in many ways, it fits my Souls purpose. 😀

Its been a path filled with love, laughter, heartache, tears and joy.  I am so grateful to everyone who has shared my journey, even for a little while, each has shaped the road ahead in some way and paved a brighter way forward.

Maria Wind Talker. 

29 thoughts on “About

  1. Beautiful blog oozing grace and authenticity, a pleasure to visit and explore, very big thank you for sharing your wisdom and journey, sincere regards, Barry

  2. Enough like me to resonate ALOT. Still looking for my teacher going to a psychic Tuesday ,Ellen,commerce twnship mi..

    Haven’t seen one In awhile…DEFINATELY need spiritual.direction.any suggestions

  3. Hi, I just wanted you to know that I have nominated your wonderful blog for the One Lovely Blog award, with many thanks and love.

      • You deserve it! I didn’t know what it was either when I got it, but found out if you take the logo from mine onto yours then follow the instructions underneath, I think it’s a pass around award which is lovely. If you find out different please let me know. I’m new to blogging so still lots to learn. Much Love xx

      • Go onto mine click the logo and copy, then paste onto yours, hope it works xxxx I only just told a friend today that I’m stuck in the old ways 🙂 even closed fb today too many things overloading me, love it on wordpress a much gentler but strong energy xxxx

      • Ok I tried that but didnt work…will try again maybe i did something wrong lol
        Aww will miss you on fb but understand. Im looking into pooling all 3 pages ingto one and turning my bearfoot page into a website, to ease the pressure. xxx

      • looking forward to your website! if it wont cut n paste from mine try labellestudio blog who nominated me xx

  4. Dear Maria… I am here.. at last.. and I see we both have had early childhood experiences.. though your much more pronounced and profound than mine.. I can see I am going to love visiting here and reading.. Thank you and I will be catching up with your posts very soon Maria. xx Sue

    • Thank you Sue, birds of a feather and all that 😀

      Our experiences are no more or less than another’s…the Elephant would not feel a splinter in its foot but a mouse will be severely injured 🙂

      I look forward to reading your blogs too, welcome to our family 🙂 xx

    • Thank you. We each have our pasts, what may seem mild to one may be horrendous to another. I think we are never given more than we can handle but just enough to push us to breaking point 😊 xx

  5. Maria, I’m not sure we Indians have all that much to obsess about. Mostly we are just like everyone else. If you came to a party you would find a wide range of views about almost everything. No joke. Now, I understand the media makes us all look pretty much the same, but then, that’s the media. Anyway, it is a blessing to find one’s path, whether one wears sneakers or something else. Be kind to yourself. Laugh. Love. Survive. Blessings.

    • Thank you Michael. I have had the great privelage of spending time with in the bosom of a Native family and you are right, their views vary greatly. We are all unique yet one and the same 😊
      Blessings to you and yours ❤

  6. I just wanted to say Maria that I really enjoyed reading your “About story” I was amazed to read the similarities between us. Thank you for sharing! May you continue to blossom and brighten every soul you touch. God Bless ❤ ❤

  7. I enjoyed reading your About Story, Maria and I specially appreciate your way of honesty. Many people run far away, when you are able to read them, but then you know, where you have them. You have a very interesting blog, as I will follow up, as soon as I get more time. I’m in the middle of a move, so only online short time a day.

    • Thank you Irene. If I can’t be honest with myself then my journey back to self will never be achieved and my trials a tribulations won’t be of any help to anyone else. Transparency is the way forward for the world, it’s the only way to create balance.
      Thank you for the follow and taking the time to comment, I hope the move goes smoothly. Blessings to you and yours. ❤

      • I do agree with you Maria. I live with same kind of honesty and I see, that many have troubles to stand, if I ask them, why they are lying instead of being honest.

      • Most people don’t even realise they are lying. I’m sure we too are guilty at times. In those times I sure would appreciate someone being honest enough to point it out to me and not be afraid to voice what they see. This is where true honesty and respect plays a big part in the evolution of consciousness. However, it can also open the gateway to ego, some will see it as a free pass to belittle but it is all good on the learning curve of life. May you be blessed with true friendships and love. ❤

      • I think, that you are right Maria. I do also prefer, if people point out to me.
        When we work with our spirituality, we also learn the way.
        Blessings to you too.

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