Bad shit happens to good people.
‘Bad luck‘ stories I have a ton of that left me with P.T.S.D, Depression, suicidal thoughts, penny less, homeless for 2 years with a small child, ripped off countless times and abandoned by my own family.
BUT, my life stories do not define me, they are a small part of my journey through life. They are horrific enough on their own merit without the ‘need’ to embellish any of it for extra sympathy or dramatic affect.
Sympathy is not required, Sympathy and Empathy may sound the same but the yard sticks are miles apart. What is required is authentic help from Authentic people, who get that, ‘enabling’ the darkness is NOT the way to pull someone out of it.
So for ALL the ‘REAL‘ people who have done just that, no matter how small a gesture you think you made, know that to me it means more than winning a million dollars, because having you in my life is better than winning the lottery. 🙂
Can you see beyond the ‘Crap’ is your Glass half full or half empty? The contrast between dark and light, is it a clear line or a blurry boundary?
Today I am grateful for all the ‘crap’ because like an X-ray, it exposes the cancerous people around you and accentuates the healthy ones that breathe love and light into you daily, helping you to find the strength to lift your wings and fly.
You all know who you are, LOVE YOU. ❤
Blessings to you always, in all ways ❤

13 thoughts on “Contrast

  1. Beauty often hides in the shadows until the right light exposes it in all its gloriousness. So glad to catch glimpses of yours as you navigate the tricky territory out of sight…

    Sending you loving thoughts and strength to accomplish whatever is before you today. Hugs…

  2. Dear Maria, Sounds like you have fought many a battle my friend, and each one has made you into the stronger person you are today.. I know life is far from easy, but as you say it defines who your friends really are..
    I continue to send you thoughts of encouragement, never to lose hope, and that it is often always darkest before the dawn light..
    As I see things in the future unfolding my friend, there will be those who think themselves well off right now finding themselves wondering if their glass is half empty or half full..
    At least our perception is held in the right direction , May you continue to fly high in mind and spirit.. The body soon learns to follow..

    LOVE and Blessings.. 🙂

    • Thank you sweet Sue, I do have many battle scars, but with pride because I survived them with my integrity and moral compass intact.
      What I have found mostly is that people do not know how to swallow their pride and apologise even if they hold the thought that they are in the right, especially without queering another’s actions, prior to condemning them. Personally, I feel the world has enough ‘bad blood’ without adding to it. We are human we mess up, why cant we simply agree to disagree, forgive and move on? Of course there are things that for most are unforgivable like Murder, but the world gets so hung up on the small stuff that it soon creates a mass of darkness that engulfs all around it. The future is bright dear Sue, for those of us who see past the illusion. Love you ❤ xxx

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