Turn back Time…

Well what a mixed up weekend of energies it will be, New Moon on Saturday (in today till Sunday) so you might all be feeling that already. (I woke up today crying at a dream about my daughters wedding)
On Sunday the clocks go back an hour.  So on Monday we will wake up to sudden darkness when it would normally be light. (Vit C boosts recommended) I cant get my head around this turning back time malarky, or time in itself, but only man could be so obnoxious to try to control nature and his fellow man.
Luckily for some of us we are still connected to our biological clock, even if by a tiny thread, we still hold onto the ways of nature and live within the cycle as much as we can. Hold onto your thread, pay attention and it will grow stronger.
And, on Monday it is Sahmain, All Hallows Eve, the Day of the Dead, or Halloween, depending on where you are from.
What a Doozy of a time lol
Today would be a great day to take stock of what lies beneath, what fears of the future or maybe of Halloween do you carry? name them, write them out, get them out into the light of day.  Then tomorrow night, burn it under the New Moon, release them to the ancestors and ask for grace.
On Monday, take time to honour the dead, start with your own ancestors then let yourself be Heart led to include them all. ❤

”Darker days are coming, time to retire to the cave, to rest, to read, to contemplate.
In the stillness of the dark, all that is at unrest can be revealed, released and healed.
The Dark night of the Soul shatters all blocks to pieces.
Creating space for dreams and fantasy’s to be re-seeded..
The soul recharged and ready to rise with dawning of the, spring Equinoxal sun.  As you stretch and yawn, a new time again has just begun”




MWT. ❤

Ramsons Ruminations

The sun is shining today after the rain yesterday, so we went on a hike for wild Garlic and Dandelions.



On the way we met a young boy around 8-9yrs old on a small kids sized Quad bike, with his dad running along behind him.  They said hello as they passed, laughing away with each other.  It made my heart swell, we don’t often see family’s playing together in the woods anymore. Its a lost art of communication, laughter.


Sharing deep belly laughs opens up our souls to be seen with invisible eyes, in those moments we are vulnerable and free.  Being able to open up this way with another is the most bonding experience two or more can share other than sex.

Laughter can leave us open to ridicule and judgement by some, even those laughing with us, But, it also lifts our vibration so much, that those who ridicule will soon be removed from your circle one way or another. To make space for other open souls to come join in this joyous rapture. 🙂

The sun brought hikers, dog walkers, cyclists and horse riders out today. All had a smile on their face, which you can’t help but smile back at. 😁

We found some wild garlic, not quite ready so I only took a few leaves to make pesto with for tea tonight and gathered a bag full of dandelions to share with my Rabbit.


On the way back we passed the boy on the Quad and his dad again. The dad looked exhausted but blissed out.

Which made me recall my experiences with my dad. Learning to ride a bike became a bullying lesson, destroyed my self confidence and riddled me with a fear of falling. Funny how I never connected those two dots till now. I’l tap that out shortly!


I started rock climbing all those years ago, to face a fear of heights, only to discover it was of falling, still have the fear of falling, or do I after this recent revelation? 🙂


Saw my first butterfly of the year and numerous Bees, a good sign of warmer weather to come. 😎

Children are our future, maintain their emotional health well and the rest will fall into place naturally.

On that note, my inner child and I are going to go plant the Beetroot out in the garden, then make pesto.

Happy Holidays everyone.
Enjoy your family. 😍


MWT. ❤

Natural Disasters

While walking today on yet another severe weather day, I was thinking about how over the past 20yrs or so there has been an increase of natural, man made and personal disasters, all around Xmas time.
Has anyone else noticed this?
Some of the questions that come to my mind are…
Is it a coincidence that they are over the Xmas period, the time of the birth of the Christian saviour?
Is Creator, pissed that we celebrate false idols?
Is God/Creator trying to cleanse the faithless?
Will the final purification happen during this period?
Or…because of our heightened awareness of tragedy during the ‘family season’, do we actually create more incidents each year, through our programmed fear of it happening again?
Maybe you have thoughts or questions on this too?
I would love to hear them 🙂

Frozen Fruit straight from the Garden!


Greetings all my relations, on this frosty day in the UK.

This Winter has been a bit late in coming this year. Inspite of the high winds, rain storms, a day of snow in November and the Boxing day floods, the temperatures have been way above average.

The last couple of weeks though the temperature has started dropping and we have had ground frost and ice for about a week.  This late Autumn/winter, early Spring, has severely messed with the cycles of nature, here in the UK it has been reported in the last few weeks that hedgehogs have been born, which is way, way early.  A deep freeze now will kill them off, along with any other critters early births and the early bloomers in the plant world, which directly affects the early awakened insects and so it spirals on. 

This is how it is, when you change something in the cycle, it affects the whole.

My garden is still  awash with colour, so today, though very cold we had sunshine and no wind at all, I decided to check on the garden, clear some rubbish up that had blown in and prune my vine etc.  To find that My Raspberry and Strawbery plants have produced fruit!

Today January 16th 2016 I picked and ate my first fresh Raspberry of the year and it was frozen lol…it was very refreshing 😉

I remember this happening last year too, though this year we havent had so much of a die off and early resurgance in the plants, in fact the plant in the picture at the top of the page (Fuschia) has not died off at all this year yet and is still producing flowers.

 Most of the plants in my hanging baskets are still in flower, also more concerning are the Crocuses which are usually the first flower of spring, have shot up there leaves, along with the Daffodils that dont generally come up until March/April time, shortly after the crocuses appear.

I usually start potting up seeds in proporgators around February time, so that they are big enough to be transferred into the arden after the last frosts.  However, this last few years I have started a couple of weeks earlier and this year I think that I really should have started in early December, as the seasons are almost 3months out of synch with what we know as the four seasons to date.

I have two plants that are growing in pots, I am not sure what they are yet, though I suspect they may be vegetables, however, they should not be there just yet!

You may be thinking, ‘why is she rambling on again about the weather changes’?  But ask that of the farmer whos crops are not growing or to the homesteader whos life depends on his home grown produce.

What would you do if all the supermarkets closed tommorrow? Do your children know how, when and what to plant?

We should all stop and take a moment to survey our surroundings, look for the signs from nature, become aware of the subtle changes.  Not in a ‘Oh look, theres a pretty flower blooming through all that ice, how lovely’ way, but from a place of inquiry, yes admire its beauty, its tenacity to bloom, but also be aware that something has changed in its enviroment to warrant it to open its petals in anticipation of the pollinators to spread its seed.

Become aware of any subtle changes within yourself, women may find this easier to do as we have natural cycles that change with the moon but men are just as sensitive behind the programmed Machoness.  What do these changes mean to you?, to the eco system? to future generations? and most importantly, what do you need to do to stay within the natural cycle of nature?

We are in transition still and to some this will feel like shaky ground.  Ride the wave, remain balanced, so that your personal transition will smooth out as the seasons settle into their new positions too.

Our species in some ways is very adaptable, we soon learn how to use a computer or mobile phone because it benefits us in some way but on an individual level most fear change and will ignore the signs until they can not deny them any longer.  By changing our viewpoint we can make the transitions much quicker and smoother. Remain open minded, open hearted and open to possibilities.


Like the flowers and fruits that have an inate inteligence, we must become aware, adapt and grow if we are to flourish in the new world that is being birthed under our feet, right now.


Mitakuye Oyasin