3 Weeks To Go

We will be leaving Cyprus on the 24th February after almost 5 years of highs and lows, mainly lows. The journey back is going to be a bit of a nightmare and things back in the UK are not panning out as planned. We will be moving into a camper van, a converted VW LT46 that I bought from a friend. It needs some welding doing to it and a few internal changes that he was going to do before I got back, but unfortunately he cant do it in time with his workload. No biggie really, just means that I will have to put up with less space in the van for a while, the welding I can get done elsewhere. The other issue is getting it over from Doncaster to Barnsley because it has to be insured and I will have to put him on as named driver which is around an extra £70. :/

So, I have made a youtube, fb page, tiktok and instagram pages solely for the camper van journey. I have been trying to learn how to edit vids for a year now and failed badly…but a friend recommended an app which i tried out last night and it seems fairly simple, I decided to trial run it by making a photo montage of my time in Cyprus, to remember the good times.

If you would like to follow our journey as we join the vanlife community, then please feel free to subscribe to my channel.

Here is the video I made last night. I hope you enjoy it 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbBGzBRg8sQ

Thank you

Maria, Loui and Storm ❤



Layers peeling back so fast

multicolours fly by

like a cartoon track

the wheels turn faster

spinning into shades of grey

then in a flash

white so bright

winded by the light

like a bolt to the core

you breathe no more

as the pain begins to grow

like a smouldering burn

deeply you breathe

drawing in the flow

that pranic breath

connecting your soul

to the truth of the whole

its there you find

a place of calm

of tranquil


where everything

and nothing

just is at it is

no need to struggle

to worry

or fret

Nirvana no longer ‘awaits’

you hold the key to the door

Its time to step through

to JOY ever more..

Namaste ❤

11 Dec 12