World Peace and Prayer Day

World Peace and Prayer Day / Honouring Sacred Sites Day “All Nations, All Faiths, One Prayer” Following the birth of a White Buffalo Calf in 1994, the 19th Generation Keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe of the Lakota, Dakota & Nakota Nations— Chief Arvol Looking Horse, was directed to honour the Four Directions with ceremony on Summer Solstice/June 21st. According to Lakota prophecy, the birth of “Miracle,” a female white buffalo, signalled a time of Earth changes and the coming of The Mending of the Hoop of all Nations. The Summer Solstice is said to be a powerful time to pray for peace and harmony among all Living Beings. Chief Looking Horse believes that this day of collective prayer will create an energy shift to heal the earth and achieve a universal consciousness toward obtaining peace. He believes that it is time all people understand Mother Earth is the Source of life, not a resource. WPPD has been held in the US, Costa Rica, Ireland, S Africa, Australia, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, and Brazil. June 21st, 2017 will mark the 22nd year of World Peace and Prayer Day / Honouring Sacred Sites Day and will be held in the Hawaiian Islands and sacred sites around the world. For more info:

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Mitakuye Oyasin ❤

Water is Life

Water is Life


Picture taken at Addingford in Horbury – UK

Giant Hog Weed growing from the bank by the Canal.  These are very poisonous, so if you see one DO NOT touch it.  They grow over 6ft tall and tower over their 4-5 ft relatives.

Watching these plants made me see the beauty inside even the most feared, that they hold lightness, and it reaffirmed to me that ALL life is Sacred!

They made me smile and feel joyous inside as they waved their arm in the air, ‘like they just don’t care’.  Dancing and rejoicing this thing called life, their fall from grace as winter strips them of their bounty, yet still rejoicing as they dance with their relatives in the waters of life.

Arms stretched high, caressing the wind as she carries their song to up to creator.  While they bounce along to the rhythm of their beat, connected to our mother and to father sun.


What a beautiful sight it was to see, we stood and watched for a good while before heading on our way, with a little song in my heart and a new beat in my feet.

Many Blessings

Mni Wiconi

Mitakuye Oyasin.


LIVE Footage Attack at Standing Rock – 20/11/16

LIVE Footage Attack at Standing Rock – 20/11/16

Warning, upsetting footage. – 20/11/2016

  1. From what I can gather from the live feeds that I follow, is that the protectors tried to to remove the burnt out cars that DAPL had created a road block with.  Also, the police claimed that the protectors had lit fires to stay warm and they were putting them out with the water cannons!

People were maced, tazed, water bombed in freezing temperatures, shot with rubber bullets, bean bag bullets and percussion grenades.

I stayed up till 2.30am watching the live feeds, praying for it to end quickly and no one get killed.

Please all share this info with the world, there is still a massive media blackout, take your money out of the banks that are funding the pipeline and send prayers to our brothers and sisters out on the front lines.

This one is particularly harrowing folks. Live feed on FB.

Where is Obama? Where is anyone in power to help the water protectors??

If anyone had any doubt that money over people is the ultimate driving force behind this bullshit, then take a look at history repeating itself here.

The pipeline has an expiry date for progress 1st January, lets pray that they all can hold on till then. Read more here.Contract Expires

If anyone can help by donating winter camp gear or financially then please check out the gofund me page for the main camp, the Medic page (essential now) and the various individual ones. Take your money out of banks that are funding the pipelines.

A few links:

Main Camp:

Medics page:

Sophie who got her arm blasted apart. She is facing twenty operations.

Vanessa has a detached retina after being targeted by police –

Here is a list of officials from the involved states, plus the county and city police confirmed by news reports, to have sent troops and equipment to North Dakota. Questions can be directed to these people:

If you are planning to go there, then please go prepared for zub zero temperatures. A normal tent and sleeping bag wont cut it.  Not able to go there or donate but want to help?

Share, Pray, and stop aiding and abetting, take your money out of the banks, change your energy supplier and call the white house. Chop the head off the Black Snake. 

This is what someone had to say about her experience there and the reality of staying for more than a couple of days.

By Natalie Finch

Folks, I’m posting this from one member of a group that left camp sooner than intended because of the harsh conditions. Please, let’s not dissect this post; it’s an actual experience of time at camp and personal perception of what staying longer would have developed into.This can serve as a good wake-up call for the level of preparation required for camp. More snow and colder temps will follow the recent snowfall and there are current travel warnings on I94, north of the

Also, the page admins have posted vital info in the files section of the page on where to find the necessary supplies, clothing, etc. and you can find other valuable resource info in the top, pinned post and travel advisory as well as weather forecast info in a post below. Be prepared and be careful! Arrive fully prepared and self-sufficient, bringing more than you need to donate to the camps so that you are not using any resources needed for those staying thru the winter, and are adding to those much needed resources. Pilamaya. 

“Melanie HM

November 17 · M, OK ·

If you are insane enough to travel to North Dakota next week… the reasons why we went and came back when we did.

Please know that we are if there is a thing, this is a group with professional travelers and campers. We set up eco villages and self sustaining camps year round. With that being said, there is no way we could have possibly survived another week at Standing Rock.

Reasons.. (so you can prepare)

Things I wish I had known…

Oceti Sakowin _main camp

Morning 9a.m. orientation meeting

-Tents are worthless against the fierce cold North Dakota winds. you must have a yurt, tipi, or another insulated and reinforced structure. I personally was sleeping on a air mattress with 2 sleeping bags underneath me, a sheet, winter socks, leggings, extra thick sweatpants, thermals, tank top, ski gloves, fleece vest with hoodie on and my giant white hooded fur coat. Hoodie on as well (pillow was frozen the whole time) Then on top of me.. sheet, plugged in on high electric blanket, 2 thick military style wool blankets and a 10lb restoration hardware blanket. Still cold with blankets pulled over head.

When you arrive if you are a visitor you must camp on the

North side of the flag row. South is for people staying through winter.

Bring your own food. Food supplies are for all winter campers only.

Bring your own water.

Firewood. Do not under any circumstances dig on the land. No more fires are allowed. The wood they have is their wood so if your planning on staying warm bring a pot belly stove or a small wood burning stove to keep warm and cook on. I recommend picking up wood off the side of the road on your way up there. Keep in mind wood is not supposed to cross state lines.

Toilets.. porta-potties will be null and void beginning next week. Composting toilets 5 gal buckets will be community toilets set up throughout camp. The porta-potties will freeze and the elders have opted out of adding anti freeze to them because it’s bad for the environment. I would bring your own bucket. Wood ash and or wood shavings..

Sub zero supplies only. No sweatshirts or alike. Waterproof clothing and or jumpsuits are a huge request. Snow shoes are a must!!!

Imagine digging out a door, digging out the once lit fire pit trying to light it… and then tracking through 3-5 ft of snow to do anything.

As of this week the winter campers schedule..

Wake up.. pray, dig oneself out of shelter, attempt to get warm. Somehow get to kitchen eat, track 1/4 mile to river for morning water ceremony, pray, treck back through snow. Nap pray. Try to get warm again. And repeat..

The hill going down into the camp with be almost impossible too drive in and out of once wet with snow.

If you are front liners.. willing to be “arrestable” planning on going to jail. You would camp at sacred stone. Totally different ball game. Non of this post applies…..

Unless I am in a R.V. With solar power or have a quick build insulated shelter with heat , I will not be going back up there until spring… then that’s another crazy story we should talk about. I will get you in touch with the Navajo south-west camp before you go…

It’s scary and a life or death situation. Barely enough room for people already there.

Latest Update, please share this one, it contains vital information,wisdom from a Lakota Elder and the youth, the 7th generation. ❤

Prayers to all water protectors ❤