Prophetic Dreams?

This is similar to what I saw but it was laid flatter into the ground so you could see the top and it was Darker in colour, more like Black.

In the last few months I have been having some very strange dreams. Some personal, reflecting on conversations, family issues etc. Some very generalized, some about my hopes and dreams and some quite prophetic.

Last night Loui woke me up at 3am to go toilet and pulled me out of a very strange/scary lucid dream. When I went back to bed 2 hours later I went straight back into it from where I left off.

The Dream.

I was at home unpacking some shopping bags in the kitchen. My home was in my village, not where I am now. I suddenly remembered that I had left Loui in the car which was parked a good ten minutes walk away. (not something I would ever do) The shock as my tummy sank like a stone, I dropped everything and crying my eyes out, started running to go get him.

The first part of the road was clearly in my village, but then as I turned the corner it was somewhere else, a long road with houses either side and tree lined, but still felt like I was in the Village. As I’m running down the road towards where the car was parked, there was this deafening sound and a craft fell to the ground a few meters ahead of me, flattening a house and car. Smoke was coming out of it and the top part was rotating making this whooshing noise and there were 4 blue lights on it that were mesmerizing at they rotated. I stopped in my tracks, shocked at what I just witnessed, People started coming out of their houses screaming. I just stood there with this knowing that at any minute it was going to explode, and my Loui was at the other side of it. All I could think was that he must be Petrified.

In that moment I had to choose, do I try run past the debris and risk getting blown up and not getting to Loui, or, do I double back and go around it?

I turned around and started running back along the road and when I got to the corner I was back on the familiar road in my village and took the back road. That is when I woke up to see to Loui.

Once I woke up, on reflection I realised that even taking the back road around the blast would have wiped out half the village anyways.

I couldn’t get back to sleep, so I made a drink and watched some funny animal videos to try break the energy of the dream as even though I was awake and all my animals were there and safe, I couldn’t shake the feeling and was wondering if anyone was hurt.

Eventually around 5am I decided to try get back to sleep for a couple of hours, and went straight back into it where I left off. I was running along the back road which took me behind the crash site, because the house was flattened it had taken up the middle of both roads. With no other way of getting to Loui I continued on till I came to the car. Loui was barking at the window, petrified but happy to see me.

After calming him down and making sure he hadn’t injured himself, we drove back home taking the longer route so as not to drive past the wreckage.

We got home so we could get my other Dog Storm and my cat Puma. The plan was to grab a sleeping bag and some food and drive somewhere safe. Then as I was gathering stuff together, I heard an almighty explosion, felt the shock wave come through the house, it sent us all flying.

Then I woke up! No Idea if we survived or anything after flying through the air.

It was all so very real, I can still smell the smoke, see the craft and hear the noise.

So any thoughts?



Dreams and Metaphors


In the early hours of this morning I had a very profound dream. As I write it out and recall it I am remembering more about it and comprehending more of its metaphorical meaning.


The Dream.
I received an invite on FB to meet with Tony Rehouse as he was visiting the UK.  This is someone who I have followed for a couple of years but never spoken to, apart from once when he thanked me on my old page for sharing one of his vids.

In light of this I was a bit shocked but elated too. The day came and I drove the two hours to Birmingham, where we were to meet. The coordinates took me to a white arched motorway bridge, which I thought was strange but what is not strange in the spiritual world!

As I made my way onto the bridge I could see a lady stood there, patiently waiting for someone/thing.  After a few moments I asked if she was waiting for Tony? She said Yes!  So we started chatting about how we came to be there etc, while we were talking I could see the traffic below and how fast it was all moving below yet here on the bridge all was calm.  I slowed it down with my mind then as my attention came back to the conversation  the traffic seemed to speed up till all I could see were coloured streams of light.

Then Tony appeared over the brow of the bridge with a huge smile and out stretched hand to greet us.

We all chatted for a while and I kept touching his shoulder (respectfully) to make sure I was not dreaming. The other lady was being very flirty with him and soon it was time to say goodbye, we made plans to meet up again in each others town.
We all hugged and gave thanks, then I woke up and wondered if I actually dreamt that!


My take on its meaning.

As most of you know my biggest dream from childhood is to live within a NA community and apprentice with a medicine man/woman.  In my life I have been very honoured to meet a few and was offered an apprenticeship with the Hopi elder that gave me the Eagle feather. Finances however proved too big an obstacle as it would mean several trips each year back and forth to the states. The point being that what shows up in your life is generally a very good indicator of your own special gifts, no matter how much you dismiss them by playing ‘little me’.

So meeting Tony in the ethereal realms was an honour but not a total shock, more a kick up the ass.

My guess is the other lady was me, my former self. I was very flirty and over excitable, still can be but she rarely plays out any more. Now I am relatively quiet and try to remain respectful of other beings.
She did not look like me, but I guess she wouldn’t, as she was Ten years younger than my present self.  I could see that though she was flirty she was not looking to hook up but was simply seeking attention and acceptance.

The traffic showed me how what runs below the surface goes unnoticed mostly and once we bring our attention to it, we become the remote control that governs what happens within our lives, our reactions and our actions. Even if we use distractions to keep us from looking at the stream within, ultimately, externally it will reflect back to us in ways we do not wish for ourselves.

To me speeding the traffic up created a free flow of energy, rather than blobs passing through slowly blocking the stream.

The brow of the bridge, I guess is where I am at. The see saw can go either way, it is up to me either come back down the way I came and continue on that path, or, go down the other way, down the path I have not travelled before.

Maybe if I do I will get to meet Tony in real time.  I’m not sure what the new path is as in the last 12 months alone I’ve tried several approaches to bring in a wage without success. Maybe this new moon will reveal the path. 😁


If you have any thoughts please share, I would be interested in hearing them.

Thank you.