Did You Ever know Your My Hero…

Did You Ever know Your My Hero…

Throughout our lives we have many ‘Hero’s’ people we look up to, aspire to be like, proud of etc etc…I have been blessed by so many amazing souls in my life I am truly grateful for each and every one, even the ones who are no longer with us on earth plane or no longer in our circles, are still held in my heart with love and gratitude.

Our Hero’s change with the passing of time, not replacing the old ones, they still remain an inspiration, a bar for us to aspire to. But time brings us new people and events that bring more opportunity for growth and learning. Personally I could write a book just on the people that I have actually known who have inspired me, let alone famous people.
My greatest hero now though is my Loui, he is just amazing. Next month will be a year since his tragic accident. This past 11months has been difficult to say the least. Mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically and financially. But, for as much as my life has been turned upside down, bent sideways and caused so much anguish, he is the one who’s life has been affected the most. Loui was so active, psycho nut case, who just loved to run and run and run. Full of life, joy and mischief.
An active human would have given up, I know when my back went out in 2011 and I couldn’t walk for nearly a year and was in agony for 5years, I contemplated exiting this life on more than one occasion. They were the most alone years I have ever felt. Loui was my only constant companion, he made me laugh when days were bleak and gave me comfort when I couldn’t even speak.
Prior to that i was the life and soul of the party, huge social circle, my nickname for years was ‘Mad Maz’ because like Loui, I was pretty out there.
So you see I have an understanding of how helpless he feels, how useless he must feel now as his role as my body guard is reduced to a bark, how restricted he feels not being able to get up and even go to the toilet by himself.


But here he is, he has been to deaths door and turned away from it, he has suffered horrendous pain and despair, endured the pain of physio 3 times a day when he was still in pain, and fought against all odds to gain some mobility in his broken body and mind.
Loui was my saving grace when my back debilitated me, if it weren’t for him needing to go toilet and get exorcise I would probably still be paralysed myself.
But I had to take him out, even when I could hardly stand. Granted at first most days he was restricted to being let out in the garden (which he hated, refused to toilet) but once I could shuffle my feet I took him out, and on the days I couldn’t, my amazing friends helped where they could. Support is everything, even if just a little, it makes a huge difference! Loui saved my life, the least I could do was save his too.
So, to those who continue to tell me that I should have him put to sleep because I have no life or money. You will never understand the bond we have, the debt I owe him or the unconditional love we share. Yes there has been days when I regretted not putting him to sleep at the start, but, I also know that I could not have lived with myself and would not have been far behind him had I not given him the chance.
Loui is my Hero, he is the strongest being that I know and has taught me so much over the years, this last year being the most profound. He deserves all the love and support I can give him for the time he has left with me, he is my soul mate.
He continues to inspire me to live in the moment and to take simple pleasures where I can.
The song below is dedicated to all the people and fur babies who have helped, inspired and encouraged me throughout my life. ❤
Who is your hero and how have they influenced your life?

May you always blessed with Hero’s to remind you of the Hero within yourself.

Many Blessings

Maria. ❤

Water is Life

Water is Life


Picture taken at Addingford in Horbury – UK

Giant Hog Weed growing from the bank by the Canal.  These are very poisonous, so if you see one DO NOT touch it.  They grow over 6ft tall and tower over their 4-5 ft relatives.

Watching these plants made me see the beauty inside even the most feared, that they hold lightness, and it reaffirmed to me that ALL life is Sacred!

They made me smile and feel joyous inside as they waved their arm in the air, ‘like they just don’t care’.  Dancing and rejoicing this thing called life, their fall from grace as winter strips them of their bounty, yet still rejoicing as they dance with their relatives in the waters of life.

Arms stretched high, caressing the wind as she carries their song to up to creator.  While they bounce along to the rhythm of their beat, connected to our mother and to father sun.


What a beautiful sight it was to see, we stood and watched for a good while before heading on our way, with a little song in my heart and a new beat in my feet.

Many Blessings

Mni Wiconi

Mitakuye Oyasin.




Love is like a butterfly, beautiful, flighty, transforming yet fragile as its wings.

Take care that your actions don’t alter it’s path, that your words, your breath don’t blow away the magic dust that keeps it in-flight.

Respect it, admire it, marvel at its wonder.

Never loose sight of your hearts thunder, to do so only pulls you both under.

Love is strong, bound by galactic interaction so look to the stars for clarity and traction, and to your heart for love, in action.

May all beings be love


Mitakuye Oyasin




Rapid Changes


Since my back going out in September 2011 and the extra illnesses that arose from that, life came to a standstill. Until winter 2014, when I had the idea to build a website solely dedicated to Hypnotherapy, thinking that it would be the best way forward in rebuilding my career and earning a living wage so that I could make my dream of eco village life a reality.

So I set about getting a logo created, buying web space, domain name, sought out some business advice etc.
Then after all that, the web guy disappeared and that was that!

After trying to build the website myself and getting nowhere and knowing how the universe works, I figured it was not meant to be. And that was fair enough, at first I felt that I had wasted more of my precious time on earth but then I realised that it had given me some focus again, even if just for a while.

At one of the seminars I attended we talked about business ideas and I mentioned one that I have had for around 17 years. An online dating site for spiritual awake people. At the time I approached business link with it, and they just laughed in my face.

I have always been beyond the times in my thinking!

Now though it is big business, so I bought a domain name for that and tried to figure out how to go about setting that up, only to hit another brick wall.

Guess I was looking in the wrong place again. Deep breath, OK!

Then I started doing a Raw Food Nutritionist course and had the idea to create a page with all my skills instead of just the hypnotherapy, and as I am all about holistic health, traditional ways and wanted to work more with animals, plus I am Greek. So I named it after the Greek goddess of health. Some of you may remember me doing it recently.

So armed with a new passion, I started volunteering at the R.S.P.C.A and applied to join this business building team where you get all the help you need plus grants. I had to do a one minute presentation about my idea.

Unfortunately I did not get in as they said, I’m not money minded enough with wanting to set up as a non profit! So I deleted that page too.


I gave in, they say God lives a Trier but I’ve been trying for 20yrs now and my resolve is shot.  My faith in my dreams though, stands strong.

Then I realised that I had my Bear Foot page, I had previously taken everything off it and was keeping it as a tribute to Grandfather Bear Heart. But felt I should start to rebuild it as this is who I am, not some programmed Muppet who has to change to be accepted. Though I do still need to earn a living, I guess some compromises are too much.

So I started to rebuild my Bear Foot page, it is still in progress with more pages to build.

Then a few months ago I got in touch with the lady who is working on turning Famagusta into the world’s first Eco city and asked if I can be of service in any way. And I got a reply! 😁

She lives in New York but would be in Cyprus in June, so we arranged to meet there this month. I told her about my dreams of building or joining an eco community and building an eco home out of tyres and bottles, and she put me in touch with a village out there.

Things seemed to be on a roll, finally! My dream is within sight, the people at the village invited me to visit with them when I’m over there next.

Wow, my dream is finally coming together, I could feel my energy begin to shift.

Then last week, the day after I confirmed with the village that I will be going over shortly, something else happened that I don’t want to go into. But means I cannot go and may not be able to go for a few years now!!


However, that door will be open for a while, so there is still hope.

I continue to have faith that this issue will be resolved and the opportunity not lost.

I guess the lesson in all this is.

No matter how hard you try or how many doors slam in your face, through all the side steps, short cuts and one way streets. Nothing is lost if you keep hold of your dream.

The quickest way to achieve your goal is not by veering off the path to try get to it indirectly. The path is the way, it may seem like an impossible way through but somewhere along the way when your faith and vision had been tested to the max, a ray of light will shine through to remind you that you are getting closer every day.

So though this may seem like the biggest of set backs that this year of roller coaster ideas and efforts has brought.

I am keeping the faith that all will end well as this has always been my ultimate dream and so according to the laws of the universe, it has already become manifest.

I was talking to a friend the other day about how illness affects our minds as she said something like, ‘I’m not getting any younger and not got much time left, when is this going to manifest, the last 5yrs of my life??’

I reminded her that I would take the next five years of my life living my dream over another five years of this any day.

Never loose your dreams no matter how hard life kicks you down. Once you loose them, is when you become dead already and actual death would be a blessing.

Hold the faith my lovelies, the butterfly must go through many transformations and pain before it is reborn into its full glory.


Mitakuye Oyasin