Dancing To The Beat Of My Own Drum

Feel the beat, breathe the rhythm. Know within that all is forgiven. Release the tension, dance and sing, fill the air with dynamic flare. Bathe in the energy of tone and tempo, as vibes of joy begin to flow. Transport your mind along the wave as it washes through you with every bass. Draw upon the spirit of the drum, and soon you will be joined by the ancient ones. 💖

To Be Or Not To Be…

This is the big question…

Who are you when you are not being who others expect you to be?

Who do you become when others see that you are human, with all your failings and achievements?

Who do you become when you look in the mirror?

Who are you being when you interact with a stranger for the first time?

Who is the one being when you be?

Do you feel safe to simply be? To show YOU in all your colours?

Do you fear that others will judge or walk away if you truly step into being all of you, all of the time, 7 days a week?

Are those same people truly being all they can be?

Too often we change or adapt our true selves to fit in the boxes society puts us in, stamped and labelled for the world to see.

I say to you, step out of the box, wear it as a hat if you must till you feel comfortable being fully exposed and naked, but remove the label and replace it with, this is ME!

Then throw that box in the recycle bin and step into a new confidant you, the you you were always meant to be.

Shine your light so brightly that those pretending to be, have to close the lid on their boxes and those that are removing theirs can see they are not alone.

To be yourself in a world filled with pain is the bravest thing you can be.

Love you, all of you. No excuses, no blame, no regret, no shame.

Do not worry about those who fall away, one day they too shall remove their boxes of shame and find themselves once again.

Be the change by BEING your authentic self and loving every aspect of your magnificent, flawed, vibrant, unique self.

The world needs more honest communication and that starts with the conversation with self.


Mitakuye Oyasin





Mountains rise reaching to the sky but below the eye they touch the heart of our mother. Holding her flesh together like her bones.

The trees reach towards the sun, their roots travelling deep, far and wide, securing it’s magnificence to the surface. Like sinews holding everything in place.

The waters flow from the heavens, permeating deep to replenish under ground streams. Like the blood flowing through our veins.

Thunder booms in the sky while lighting hits the ground with a jolt so strong it can power a car. Like the force of the pump that beats our heart.

The wind blows from all directions, sometimes soft, sometimes hard. Blowing up tyres and sailing boats. Filling our lungs and bringing us life.

Oil comes up from the deepest parts and travels around our mother, clearing, lubricating. Like the blood pumping our heart.

The grass grows long, or short, dancing in the breeze, like a beacon for passers by, absorbing the dew and offering shade.  As our hair, connecting us to heaven and earth as a natural antenna and umbrella.

These are but a few ways of how we are all connected with nature, with each other.

As above so below, as without so within.

What we do to our planet we do to ourselves and vice versa.

Is your body your temple? Or Is the mountain? If you revere only one, then life is out of balance. For without one there is no other.

Take time to observe nature today and see how she is a reflection of you.

What can you change within yourself to change what you see out in the world?

Take action today, tomorrow is not guaranteed.


Mitakuye Oyasin




Spring Equinox Pilgramage


This is one of the views from the top of Lawrencefield in Derbyshire.  You may have heard me talk about this place before in other posts, as it is my ‘Sacred Place’ here in the UK.  It is where I find myself on most of my Shamanic Journeys and have several portals that I go through here.  I try to ‘physically’  visit at least two times a year, so that I may do ceremony to offer my gratitude to the land, the ancestors and all our relations for their assistance, in person. 

I ask all that walk upon this ‘hot spot’,  to ,’Respect and honour it, leave only footsteps and happy memories to mark your presence’


 The Journey

For around 15 years now I have been shown to do a vision quest at Lawrencefield.  However, the UK is not the safest of places for a woman alone to sit on a ledge for possibly  days, on her own.  So 9 years or so ago I went with a friend who was going to camp near by and attach a string with a bell on it in case of emergency.

We had a plan!… However the universe had others, and though we had had back to back sunshine for weeks, that weekend, we had a thunderstorm, torrential rain and high winds, perfect for a vision quest on a cliff edge in blighty…NOT!


 It wasn’t the right time, and that’s ok, all in divine timing.   I had learnt not to stomp my feet and scream at the sky…but why?? any more.  Instead, to accept the guidance, learn from the experience and prepare ‘myself’ as best I can for the next opportunity.

This trip was spur of the moment, so I asked a friend who has a passion for the great outdoors, if they wouldnt mind coming along and spending a few days in the woods on his own with my dog while i sit on a ledge! He is not spiritual at all and even though he thinks im a bit of a weirdo, he agreed.  He had heard me talk about it being a magical place and the silver birch were calling. 🙂

I picked up my friend half an hour early so was well excited that we would get there before all the climbers descended.

The Universe had other plans again!  I came off at the wrong junction, drove for miles in circles because the sat-nav didn’t have a clue either.  Made our way back to the motorway and took the right junction…breathe…then wham, I listened to the sat nav and took the wrong turn from the dual carriageway and got totally lost.  No signal on either mobiles, no sat-nav and no idea how to get back to the dual carriageway. So we drove on hoping to get a signal, when my friend visibly jumped from the recognition, he knew where we were, had visited before!. 

It was where his dad had lived and the pub that I pulled into to ask for directions was where they had his wake.

Now it made sense to me. I told him that ‘the detour was to connect him with is dad and that we will be there in 45 mins with no detours now’, he looked at me with that, yea righto weirdo, look.  I knew that Lawrencefield would work its magic for him, believer or not. 

We nearly did have a detour due to the directions we had been given, but I followed my gut and we got there in 40mins, no detours and even found a free parking place. 🙂



The weather was overcast but surprisingly warm, with no sign of impending rain, which was a pleasant surprise.  The entrance to Lawrencefield is guarded by these two ancient trees that to me represent a vortex, a gateway, a place to leave any expectations and to honour the journey ahead.  Likewise on return a place to give thanks.

.  I was hoping on the walk up from the car, that it would not be very busy as it is a popular climbing spot. I used to climb here many years ago, this is how we got acquainted, hands,  face and feet firmly planted to rock.

I was happy if not a little bewildered as to why there were only two climbers here on a weekend and a little nervous due to an incident (1 of 2) that happened years ago involving a sheep.  Tales for another day.

We had a walk around, my friend kept commenting on how peaceful it was and that it felt like another world. I smiled to myself, the magic is working. 🙂

We visited one of my portals so that he could get in it, but he just messed around and came out.  Maybe you feel something or be drawn into it? as you look at this picture?


We took a hike back to the Pond so that I could connect there and decide which ledge I was going to. 

Whilst contemplating there, I realised that this whole trip was for my friend and the vision quest is for another time. 

I think I was relieved in a way because the last few times I have been it has been a bit of a rush job due to weather constraints and now I could just relax. a while.  So I told him that ‘we would be heading back before sunset’ and asked him to walk me up to the ledge so that I could do a small ceremony, while he went for a walk in the woods with Loui.

 In the quarry all is still, all is quiet, but get to the top of those rocks and the breeze/wind cuts like a knife.  So I decided not to go to my vision quest spot as it is right on the edge and just wide enough for me to sit cross legged on!  Instead I chose a grassy slope that was big enough for me to get a foothold hopefully, if I had to. lol

From here I did a small ritual, burnt some sage giving thanks to the directions, lit a candle and rattled myself into a meditative state, where I connected with all our ancestors to give thanks for this day and for the magical gifts it had brought thus far and for those yet to come. I prayed for humanity, for our mother and all who live within her bosom, I prayed for balance and harmony, for peace within the hearts of all living beings. Then the wind blew through me and seconds later Loui barked.  Prayers accepted, I came back down to ground level.


I had previously said we would not have a fire as it took so long to get there time was of the essence, however, I had forgotten the energies in Lawrencefield, its like being in a time-warp.  On this occasion, time had stood still it seemed and we had about 90mins of day light left, so my friend built a small fire.

Here I did a Munay KI ceremony, releasing all stress from the drive, any unrecognised disappointment etc to be purified by the flames.  My friend looked at me funny when I blew into the stick and pulled smoke into my chakras, but I know  he had received a blessing there too.


Afterwards I took a little walk myself and found some interesting fungi (anyone know what it is?) with one of our allies showing himself in the tree.  I found Turkey tail and a beautiful poly pore too. 🙂

Afterwards we put the fire out and made our way back, saying goodbye and giving thanks at the sacred trees.We made our way back to the car, exhausted but filled with bliss.


The Magic.

Later that night I received a text from my friend saying, ‘that he doesn’t know what just happened but he was in the bath and suddenly memories of his dad came flooding in and he just sat there and cried’.


Never underestimate the power of spirit, though you may feel out of balance, out of your comfort zone or lost in the woods as it were.  Never doubt that spirit is guiding you towards something, follow and you will discover a gem within ready to shine.

My friend faced his hidden greif head on and for me, I am grateful to have been able to provide transport for the journey and to bare witness in my sacred space.


Thank you Lawrencefield, in heart, mind and spirit always. ❤

30 second vid of Lawrencefield:   https://youtu.be/vj1NYOvR0a8



May we all always walk in Beauty

Mitakuye Oyasin



MWT. ❤