To Be Or Not To Be…

This is the big question…

Who are you when you are not being who others expect you to be?

Who do you become when others see that you are human, with all your failings and achievements?

Who do you become when you look in the mirror?

Who are you being when you interact with a stranger for the first time?

Who is the one being when you be?

Do you feel safe to simply be? To show YOU in all your colours?

Do you fear that others will judge or walk away if you truly step into being all of you, all of the time, 7 days a week?

Are those same people truly being all they can be?

Too often we change or adapt our true selves to fit in the boxes society puts us in, stamped and labelled for the world to see.

I say to you, step out of the box, wear it as a hat if you must till you feel comfortable being fully exposed and naked, but remove the label and replace it with, this is ME!

Then throw that box in the recycle bin and step into a new confidant you, the you you were always meant to be.

Shine your light so brightly that those pretending to be, have to close the lid on their boxes and those that are removing theirs can see they are not alone.

To be yourself in a world filled with pain is the bravest thing you can be.

Love you, all of you. No excuses, no blame, no regret, no shame.

Do not worry about those who fall away, one day they too shall remove their boxes of shame and find themselves once again.

Be the change by BEING your authentic self and loving every aspect of your magnificent, flawed, vibrant, unique self.

The world needs more honest communication and that starts with the conversation with self.


Mitakuye Oyasin




Trying to find the Strength to carry on.


No sleep again. Two nights in a row, awake and restless, like a panther in the snow. 

Stuck in this place of no where to turn and no one to help, on this physical plane, but,

With the Ancestors behind me,  spirit allies by my side and the wind flowing through me, echoing voices of advice.

Together we will find our way forward, through this mountain that stands in the way.

A crack appears and light seeps through, a ray of hope to light up the path.

The human spirit like an elastic band, contracts and expands, enduring more than most can stand.

If left unchecked one day it will break, and the soul set free, other world’s to partake.

Pray that this be the last major battle, for this old soul has had enough hurdles and heart ache. 

‘What will become of the crack and the light?’ I ask my guide.

Please let it expand and stretch, so that I may take flight, and flourish once more before my final journey, into the night.

With gratitude and faith in you I trust, for we are one and share one Love.


Mitakuye Oyasin