Mountains rise reaching to the sky but below the eye they touch the heart of our mother. Holding her flesh together like her bones.

The trees reach towards the sun, their roots travelling deep, far and wide, securing it’s magnificence to the surface. Like sinews holding everything in place.

The waters flow from the heavens, permeating deep go replenish under ground streams. Like the blood flowing through our veins.

Thunder booms in the sky while lighting hits the ground with a jolt so strong it can power a car. Like the force of the pump that beats our heart.

The wind blows from all directions, sometimes soft, sometimes hard. Blowing up tyres and sailing boats. Filling our lungs and bringing us life.

Oil comes up from the deepest parts and travels around our mother, clearing, lubricating. Like the blood within our veins.

The grass grows long, or short, dancing in the breeze, like a beacon for passers, absorbing the dew and offering shade. As our hair, connecting us to heaven and earth as a natural antenna and umbrella.

These are but a few of how we are all connected with nature, with each other.

As above so below, as without so within.

What we do to our planet we do to ourselves and vice versa.

Is your body your temple? Or Is the mountain? If you revere only one, then life is out of balance. For without one there is no other.

Take time to observe nature today and see how she is a reflection of you.

What can you change within yourself to change what you see out in the world?

Take action today, tomorrow is not guaranteed.


Mitakuye Oyasin



MWT đź’—




A child runs bare foot through a street, with ripped up clothes and bloody feet

Running fast from the horrors he has seen

The screams and fear, will never leave.

Far away, another child runs

With his headphones in and Nike shoes on.

A mother cries as her child dies of Aids

While another celebrates her genetically made, perfect babe.

We drop bombs and kill and maim

To what ends, when we are all to blame?


Manipulated by corporate lies,

We no longer see through our third eyes.

Gut instinct is void and empathy deplete

As the rich eat the poor

On technology street.

Consume, destroy and with a smile

As we switch ourselves off and become numb for a while.

Our neighbours smile as they pass by

But community has gone, don’t look in their eyes.

Enclosed in our bubbles of worry and shame

Its easy to ignore the boy running away.

But what can we do? We proclaim rather loudly,

With hands in the air, we deplore the almighty

To show us a sign, light up a way

As our mother shakes and quivers in dismay

The world retreats into a fearful dither

As denial seeps in, the bubble we draw nearer

the blinkers remain.


Around we go in this endless cycle

The rich get richer and the poor get re cycled.

Its time to stop Frackin around my friends.

Take one small step for the better each day,

Make a difference in your own way,

To break the mould of lust and greed

Chop off the hand that it does feed.

Always remember that no matter what,


We are all one, from the earth beneath our feet to the stars we can barely see

Equal in the right to live and breath

Free from fear of lack or need

Free to love, to laugh and be free.


Mitakuye Oyasin


MWT  ❤