I once had a family,
I once had standing,
I once had a mother,
I once had a community,
I once had a career,
I once had a dream,
I once had financial security,
I once had ambition,
I once believed in humanity.

What I see now is, mistrust, multiple stab wounds in my back, betrayal, dishonesty, fake community, poverty, lies, false idols and misguided loyalties.

Yet I still hold the faith, Shine my light and live in hope that my kind heart and drive to help others, the Animal Kingdom and humanity, will one day be rewarded and my plight to remain pure in an insane world will not have been in vain.

May all beings return to wholeness, to heal from their wounds and stand in the grace once again.


Mitakuye Oyasin. Namaste, Blessings. ❤🙏❤


Lost Souls

Throughout my life I have been told that I’m too kind, generous and selfless. Like it’s a bad thing. They say I should think about myself more and be less giving because people take advantage and don’t care about me or help me when they can.

Now this may be true, but, that just shows who they are as people, and is not a reflection on me.

I just give people enough rope to hang themselves with then walk away.

If I have helped someone regardless of how they disrespect or disregard me, my heart is full knowing I did all I could with what I had to work with.

From what I can see in the world today, too many people only help if there is something in it for themselves. They become hardened by all the ungrateful, disrespect from their efforts to lead by example. Or simply are out for all they can get.

How then is the world meant to change? Or as I hear and say all too often, ‘go back to how it used to be’?

We must not become bitter at the unrecognition, the rejection, the disrespect, the lies and false promises. Nor succumb to the feelings of isolation that these people ignite within us.

We must recognize the gift they bring, the awareness of your own inner strength that in spite of others ignorance you have the ability to forgive the wounded child in front of you and love them anyway.

We the way showers may have chosen a difficult path but we must continue to hold the lantern up in the dark, so that others of like mind can find us. If we succumb to the darkness of our ego self then we will be lost forever in the sea of lost souls.

Mitakuye Oyasin




Trying to find the Strength to carry on.


No sleep again. Two nights in a row, awake and restless, like a panther in the snow. 

Stuck in this place of no where to turn and no one to help, on this physical plane, but,

With the Ancestors behind me,  spirit allies by my side and the wind flowing through me, echoing voices of advice.

Together we will find our way forward, through this mountain that stands in the way.

A crack appears and light seeps through, a ray of hope to light up the path.

The human spirit like an elastic band, contracts and expands, enduring more than most can stand.

If left unchecked one day it will break, and the soul set free, other world’s to partake.

Pray that this be the last major battle, for this old soul has had enough hurdles and heart ache. 

‘What will become of the crack and the light?’ I ask my guide.

Please let it expand and stretch, so that I may take flight, and flourish once more before my final journey, into the night.

With gratitude and faith in you I trust, for we are one and share one Love.


Mitakuye Oyasin