Dancing to the Beat of My Own Drum.

Bear Foot Holistics

Feel the beat, breathe the rhythm.

Know within that all is forgiven.

Release the tension, dance and sing, fill the air with dynamic flare.

Bathe in the energy of tone and tempo, as vibes of joy begin to flow.

Transport your mind along the wave as it washes through you with every bass.

Draw upon the spirit of the drum, and soon you will be joined by the ancient ones. 💖


©Maria Wind Talker

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Remove Toxic Cords – COMPETITION

Remove Toxic Cords – COMPETITION

Competition Time 🙂

Bear Foot Holistics

Competition Time for September

‘Ever feel like you are on an elastic band pulling your mind and emotions into the past, and no matter how hard you try, you cant seem to move forward??’

Then now is the time to consider ‘Removing Toxic Cords’

What are they? Toxic cords are Energetic Threads that connect to us to all we encounter on a daily basis, but the main cause of Toxic cords are generally created by the people we care about. Anytime we have an emotional connection, then energy is built between them, and thoughts, feelings, emotions are carried between them.

We have all had the experience of this on a conscious level in some form or another. Maybe you felt your partners pain if they hurt themselves or just knew something was wrong? Or felt the Anxiety from your Dog as you are about to leave the house? Or heard…

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Age of Aquarious

Re posting this, its even more relevant today I feel ❤

Maria Wind Talker


So, we are in the age of Aquarius, the age of enlightenment, which I translate as; ‘the age of ‘Re Balance Ment’,

Re Embracing the Goddess is not a ‘now’ thing for women, this has been a steady progress. One which can be time lined back to the first world war when women had to become the head of the household, to take charge and change their accepted gender role to that of the masculine. 

We now have more women in power within a predominantly male dominated workplace, more women’s rights and more women in self empowered solitude rather than programmed platitudes.

With the growing strength of the feminine, came the rising of the male ego, which in turn created an ever spiralling dance of; Control vs Compassion … Provider vs Home Maker.

This time of re-balancing is more about the male of our species , it is their time for…

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Diving into The Realms of Infinite Possibilities

So profound. Thank you Sue ❤

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

Dream~Love Song~Link to Original Dream

The woman entered the silence once more, as she dived deeper into the realms of possibilities.  The pieces of the Jigsaw she had gathered from the past, now jumped into view to be re-jiggled before her eyes.

One by one they reassembled in front of her inner eye as she saw them laid out in front of her vision. One by one they slotted themselves together, each piece made more sense as they rearranged themselves before her, as they stretched out onto the horizon of her gaze.   

This time their colours were sharper, their edges cleaner and clearer, as she rebuilt the picture standing on the inside, the picture was reassembled from the outside in.

She sat within the space yet to be filled by the missing pieces,

and yet the void was filled with LOVE.

There were now only Seven more pieces missing…

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The 12 Universal Laws

The 12 Universal Laws

Bear Foot Holistics

Are you finding that manifesting your goals are proving challenging? Maybe you have success with the small things like parking spaces etc but the bigger more important stuff are just not showing up?

Do not despair, The law of attraction is only one part of 12 laws that all need to be put into play together to change the course of your life.

Mastering these laws is key to your ascension journey, to raising your vibration and maintaining the steady flux into the highest vision/version of you.

Only using one part of the 12 is like placing one tile of a jigsaw and hoping to create the bigger picture.

You can learn the basics of the 12 laws below.


The Law of Divine Oneness – everything is connected to everything else. What we think, say, do and believe will have a corresponding effect on others and the…

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