We are all one…

Bear Foot Holistics

No matter where your from in the world, we are all one, all related. Which to me means the ancient ones did not discriminate and our ‘energy lines’ connect us all through time and space. And within each one of us is a little indigenous from all corners of the world. We all carry ancestral wisdom and are drawn to learn ancient Ways because it is part of our DNA. In the collective consciousness we have the solutions to most of our global issues, it does not matter if a white person brings forth ancient Egyptian knowledge for example and uses it to heal the people or the planet. The wisdom is out there in the ether, we just got to tap into what calls us and use it for the good of all. The more we tap into our calling instead of diluting it with a myriad of different…

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2 thoughts on “We are all one…

  1. Interesting but why should wisdom always have to be from ancient ways? If they were not powerful enough to prevent the current sad end is it not time use our intelligence to find new methods to understanding?

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