Remove Toxic Cords – COMPETITION

Competition Time 🙂

Bear Foot Holistics

Competition Time for September

‘Ever feel like you are on an elastic band pulling your mind and emotions into the past, and no matter how hard you try, you cant seem to move forward??’

Then now is the time to consider ‘Removing Toxic Cords’

What are they? Toxic cords are Energetic Threads that connect to us to all we encounter on a daily basis, but the main cause of Toxic cords are generally created by the people we care about. Anytime we have an emotional connection, then energy is built between them, and thoughts, feelings, emotions are carried between them.

We have all had the experience of this on a conscious level in some form or another. Maybe you felt your partners pain if they hurt themselves or just knew something was wrong? Or felt the Anxiety from your Dog as you are about to leave the house? Or heard…

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