Separation and Rewriting the Narrative.

Something to consider…thoughts?

Bear Foot Holistics

Last week I went back to the UK for my daughters wedding, which was beautiful. ❤


The day before I came back I went on a two hour hike around the countryside & nature reserve where I used to live and walk daily with my dog Loui. I so miss that, I feel so much more connected to nature, to spirit, to me, there.

Walking the land I spent so many years care taking and connecting with really lifted my soul. Visiting with one of my sacred trees and the trees I helped plant at the orchard brought tears to my eyes, and filled my heart with joy to see them flourishing. I visited the bushes and plants that I used to forage from and thanked them for the gifts they bestowed over the years, not just for me and others who gather their bounty but the wildlife they help…

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2 thoughts on “Separation and Rewriting the Narrative.

  1. My beautiful amazing cousin. I feel spirit souring through your words as I sit here and read them and feel your connection. Every word is truth. You are such an incredible way shower. May you be blessed to be filled with Divine grace always and your sparkle shine out into all kingdoms. I honour your Divinity. To share such precious wisdom especially with all the trials you have lived through has me truly humbled. I’m blessed to call you my family. Ours is not the traditional family connection but one of spirit and soul family more so than blood. I see you beloved sister. Thank you for showing the way …

    Sending you massive love. Xx

    Anjani Helen Gregoriou Director, Anjani Venusia Mindful Coaching +61 (0) 423 550 668 | |

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    • Thank you my beloved cousin, that means a lot coming from you. Brought a tear. X I miss you and your mum and of course Andrew. Hope you can come visit soon. We need to chat, got things in the pipeline that I’d love for you to get involved with.
      May you always walk in beauty. X ❤

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