The Truth Will Set You Free!
People expect it from others yet seem incapable of granting it.
They give excuses like; ‘I don’t want to hurt your feelings’, however, by being dishonest about how your thinking or feeling not only hurts the other person, that thing you claim your trying to avoid also puts a black stain on your soul, for you are being dishonest with yourself.
Why do people do that? What conditioned fear has them hooked into inauthenticity?
Guilt at a change in ideas or ideals? Fear of rejection? Fear of being corrected? fear of being caught out? Fear of being wrong? fear of being judgemental? fear of conflict?
What ever the reason FEAR is always behind it.
FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real.


Fear is like Heroin to the superficial mind of ego, it keeps us hooked like an addict and only once we wake up to the fact that it is destroying our life in one way or another,  usually manifesting physically as Dis-ease, might we finally say enough is enough and find the strength to break free.
Sometimes our mind can play tricks on us due to past experiences and we can interpret situations based upon those events. We create a whole elaborate scenario in our heads where we are generally the victim of an others concept of us.
Or vice versa we derive an imagined concept of another based on an event that may be out of character for them, but resonates with a prior happening in our past.  Character assassination then ensues and rather than openly discuss this with them we avoid the situation, and when questioned about why the sudden change, dishonesty creeps in yet again.
Thy say that the ‘the truth hurts’ but does it really or does it hurt more to feel deceived?
In my humble opinion, if you are being honest about your feelings in a non aggressive or hurtful manner,but, in a loving way, then you have nothing to be afraid of.  How the other person takes it is not your responsibility.   Likewise if someone comes to you with an honest observation, how you respond to that is entirely a reflection of your own spiritual maturity.
Patterns and layers of dishonesty weaving a web of lies.
‘What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.’
One of the hardest lessons it seems on the spiritual path is Authenticity and that my friends starts with honest communication.
The journey begins with being honest with yourself, dig deep and find the why? behind your urge to ‘save another’s feelings’.
Heart led honesty really is the best policy, always!
Mitakuye oyasin
MWT. ❤

12 thoughts on “Honesty

  1. Perfect timing as messages of truth usually are….lol. This something I’m battling within myself now. It’s “not hurting another” excuse that I’m fighting. Send me strength!

  2. Powerful message from an authentic and powerful woman. I am guilty of often holding back, though I recognize the difference between my reasons and excuses. I strive to never openly lie, but I do not always share my thoughts/feelings. More often than not, it comes down to why, or why bother? When dealing with an insincere, manipulative, or deceptive person/system, it usually does not benefit either them or myself to be too open about what I “know” to be true. Besides, truth itself has become an intangible these days, rather than an absolute, so who is to say what real honesty entails? Just my thoughts today… Hope you are well, Maria. You sound much stronger than in recently past posts. 😀

    • Thank you Lisa. Excellent points too, I nearly added something about truth being subjective but it would have gone on forever and most people (including myself) tend not to read long posts lol…I guess if we do not share our version of the truth we loose the opportunity to view from anothers perspective and vice versa? Im ok, up n down like a nuns knickers, still no work and running out of funds so fast that ive hot, ignore it and it will go away phase. Not good and not being ‘honest’ with myself lol, but its the only way i can deal with it right now. I wont be homeless but could end up without water/electric/food if i dont find work soon. Pray for me and Loui please. Hope you are doing ok? xxx

      • I will hold you two close in my thoughts and in my heart, dear Maria. I would tell you to take comfort from the strength you have so often displayed and hang on, but instead, the message that seeks you, through me, is to finally let go. Not sure what it relates to, or if it even applies to you, but it repeats itself over and over again as I write this response…

        “Tell her to let go… Tell her to finally let go… Tell her to let it all go… And trust in her self for a change. The world will always let you down and disappoint, but you cannot disappoint yourself. Not if you trust your self…”

        A repeating theme, which might reflect your post on honesty, especially self-honesty. Don’t overestimate your opportunities, but neither underestimate your creativity…

        Just some thoughts that are occurring to me. Good luck, dear One!

      • Thank you Lisa, sorry just saw this. Interestingly ive been thinking that my coming back here may be to finally let it (cyprus) go. Ive been looking into how to leave with Loui because he cant fly now, not that i would put him through that again anyway. It seems there isnt a ferry to Greece or direct to uk that will take dogs, so we are stuck here lol…still looking into it all but who knows what is round the corner right 🙂 love to you xxx

  3. You are right Maria, fear is to find, where there are no honesty.
    I prefer honesty too and I do often see, that many don’t know, how to handle it. I do my best to be kind to all, which is always possible. Sometimes it is more kind to don’t say anything, than open the mouth well knowing, that the other will not get it anyway.

      • Thank you Maria. When I have tried to plant those seeds in same people enough times, I just stop one day, because I don’t see any difference. Where we can see just a little difference, I find it worth to continue, otherwise I just wast my own good power, as could be used more appropriate.

  4. I totally agree with you, we should express our feelings openly and with politeness, if the person other side got what we want to say then it’s good and if not…… we should not care about them a lot, one of the best post I read, appreciation from India

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