Home Land….

Sorry ive been a bit lapse this few weeks, im busy packing, sorting Louis travel details and trying to see stuff. Am on my own with a disability, to say I need more time is an understatement. However I remembered this that I wrote 4yrs ago and figured it worth a revisit to keep me focused and maybe give everyone a little insight into my choice. ❤

Maria Wind Talker


My home land awaits me, I feel her call.

I feel excited and in awe of this connection so wild and raw.

Scrambled thoughts…what of the changes, the family, the lure….

My mind drifts back to happier times, when to leave that place never entered my mind.

Connected to the land, air and sea…she is not just home, she is part of me.

I feel her pulse, I smell the sweet air, I close my eyes and am immediately there.

The sound of Crickets, of crashing waves. Car horns beeping and in the distance, a Bouzuki plays.

The scent of jasmine drifts gently on the breeze, while we sit eating Suvlaki from on our knees..

She calls me home to re-connect with that part of me that has been missing, family, friends and the land I love, I will be kissing.

borderMarch 24th 2010.

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7 thoughts on “Home Land….

  1. I understand how much you miss home when it means so much to you.
    It’s in your heart and you can’t ignore what’s in your heart.
    Sending all the best wishes to you for happiness and safe travels throughout your trip.
    with love and blessings, Eddie

  2. Keep following your heart Maria.. We all must listen to our hearts.. And remember.. YOU come first.. .. Sending Love, Hugs and well wishes, I know all will fall into place.. Love to you.. xxx Sue ❤

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