Being of Service

Always nice to get positive feedback 🙂

Bear Foot Holistics

Being a Hollow Bone for Creator to work through is not a ‘Life Choice’ career.

The path is fraught with all your worst nightmares, hidden fears and your own personal inner Demons.

Your whole ideology of the world is shattered more and more, through the people you meet along the way and the experiences you encounter.  Each person reflecting back to you a part of self ready to be seen.

Freak illnesses and, accidents may happen. Ridicule, self doubt, solitude and exclusion most definitely will occur at some point on the path.

However, when that one person that we helped out in Paris the day before, with a beautiful soul release Psychopomp’ sends feedback, well it makes everything worth it, to know that what we do here, really does make a positive difference to peoples lives. 🙂

‘Dear Maria,after 1 night I feel lighter! I have no issues…

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