Freedom from Rejection

Reposting this from 2012,it is very relevant now.<3

Maria Wind Talker


Freedom from Rejection23 .8. 2012 

The biggest obstacle I see among most light workers is Rejection.

We get it from the moment we start to show our nature, our true personalities and not those chosen for us by our Earthy caretakers, siblings, friends and colleagues. Most of us say things like,

‘I never fit in’ ‘Ive always been different’ ‘no one understands me’ ‘no one sees me’ ‘My family seem alien to me’. etc.

Each put down, betrayal, rejection, creating another layer of pain and confusion which ultimately leads to rejection of self, till we no longer ACCEPT or LOVE or BELIEVE in ourselves.

So we continue through life acting out a scene with memorized lines of self truth, which we parrot to others in the hope that they see the light behind that thick black layer of self doubt.

We share our light freely, joyfully, helping others to…

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