Deplete and Delete


My heart is breaking, it’s left me deplete,

Deplete of sleep,

of energy,

of Deep…


We can no longer reach,

Deplete of fear,

Deplete of pain,

Devoid of faith or hope ever again.

Humanity is deplete,

Time to hit Delete,

Deplete is our Mother.

of her Creations

that we reap,

Tis time,

Lets start a new elite,

A race of human where all are rich,

Rich in love



and Belief.



Mitakuye Oyasin


8 thoughts on “Deplete and Delete

  1. Sigh.. yes I feel our Earth Mother’s pain.. and that of humanities.. I hope we can find a new elite based on Love and Peace Maria.. I really hope and pray for that race to emerge.. xxx Love and Light xx

  2. Indeed. Well said. Yes, certain darknesses in the human condition brought to the surface in the recent US elections. With the hope that at least enough people can now see through the Hegelian dialectic of the big banks now, or even acknowledge how unsuited the system is to deliver real change, that they seek altogether new kinds of political engagement. What if there was an election and no one turned up?

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