Stranger than science fiction…

3 part project on “Exposing the secret governments and preparing for ET disclosure” – featuring Dr. Steven Greer and Bentinho Massaro.

Believe it or not, these videos will reveal some of the mechanics and behind the scenes-secrets of the actual sci-fi/fantasy movie that has always already been a/our reality.

Facts about the existence of UFO’s, extraterrestrial intelligence and classified (operational) “anti-gravity” and “free-energy” have been purposefully kept secret from the public for many decades.

Those who have been responsible, are rapidly losing their grip though. Its total demise is inevitable. Everything is already changing..

We invite you to step into your own power, into an entirely new type of reality. We encourage you to do so, confidently, by realizing YOU are the one creating it.


4 thoughts on “Stranger than science fiction…

  1. Thank you Maria, those who think we are alone in this Universe make me smile.. And it is a wonder to me why more people can not see the Wood for the Trees 😉 I will save to view a little later.. Thank you xx

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