How to get more people to read my Blog

~Burning Woman~

I saw a question on a blog this morning from someone called “Kate”

It asked: “I was wondering if you’d give me some advice on how to get more people to read my blog.” 

The question wasn’t addressed to me, and I did not comment on it but I think I have something to say to that query.  So, here goes, for those wondering souls out there who are concerned about not being read or followed.  

How much work are you willing to put into blogging?

How many emails are you willing to sort through per day: 100? 200?

How many comments are you willing to sincerely and thoughtfully engage and respond to?

Blogging works on an exponential scale. You start a blog, post something, then begin the real work: following, reading and commenting on others’ works.

I shouldn’t call it work, it’s more like school, or study sessions…

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5 thoughts on “How to get more people to read my Blog

  1. Yes blogging is putting in the effort.. I can not tell you how many emails I had on returning from holiday it eventually tipped over a thousand.. I managed to get through 200 of them.. And visited many who never leave a comment upon my blog too.. Because I clicked follow.. The rest I am afraid I didn’t have time to comment or they had done reblogs so I pressed Like.
    Blogging is a two way process and we can make many wonderful new friends via its media..

    Great reblog Maria xx
    Hugs Sue xx

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