Melding of the Tides

This morning I had a dream for the second time this year, its a new one to me in that it is not a recurring childhood dream.  I’m not too sure what its all about but thought I should write it out and maybe gain a little more clarity on it.

The beginning bit was different this time, the first time I was in a house maybe a B+B with my partner (im single btw). This time we were walking through a village, not sure where it was, could have been the UK or somewhere similar to the lake district, it was as green, clean air etc but much warmer.

Anyway we are walking along, chatting away, kissing and cuddling like lovers do.  We stop near a T junction and i sit on a wall, he was stood in front of me with his arms around me. Over the road there are a few shops, we were embracing and laughing and i gently kissed his neck, at the exact time i did that a beautiful woman in shorts and a bikini top came down the hill on a pushbike and stopped outside the shop opposite us.  He couldn’t take his eyes off her, so I went ballistic, told him I was disgusted at his behaviour especially at the timing and told him that I wont be disrespected like that again and it was over.

He looked mortified , not at me exploding into some psycho witch from hell but at his behaviour, and said that he has no idea why he did that and genuinely looked bemused.  He apologised and said that he needed to go back to our digs to think on his actions, alone.  So I said that is fine and I needed some space too and we went our separate ways and I went to investigate this beautiful place we were in.

People were friendly here, smiling and saying hello as they passed, everyone felt like they were in holiday mode.  Some where there like us as tourists but mainly it were local people, all happy and smiley, at peace with themselves and the world.

The main part of the village was raised, there were rolling hills to one side, which I gazed upon while having a coffee, wondering what they had witnessed down here over the years. At the other end of the village was a river and across from that was wild country, nature at its best, untamed or tampered with.

It was getting late in the afternoon and the sun began making its decent, so I headed into the village to ask for directions back to where I was staying.

People were all super excited and running around like crazy, some going one way and others going in the opposite direction.  So figuring something exciting was about to happen and I followed some of them, running to catch up.

We were running through the streets towards the back of the village, then we turned a corner and I could see the sea!  There were black cast iron railings and everyone was clambering onto them to get a better look. The waves were huge and angry looking, crashing and breaking against the wall and everyone laughed as they got wet.  The tide was coming in closer and closer very quickly.  in the corner to the right where the wall met with the wall of a building, there was a rather large guy and his son stood on top of the railing, leaning against the building, father holding son closely as they balanced precariously on this railing.  My heart was in my mouth and before I didn’t even finish thinking to myself that he was being irresponsible and they were both in danger, before a huge wave came over the top of them both and washed them off into the crowd.  Luckily they were not hurt and got up to run with the crowd again as they raced to get across the village, to where they would witness the sea emerge from under the village.

I followed them, running along in all the hysteria felt quite liberating, exciting and scary all that the same time.  I had no idea where we were going or what we were going to witness, maybe more of the same, waves crashing and people getting wet?

They had all disappeared round the corner and off at break neck speed so I was lagging behind, trying to keep up by following the other stragglers.

When I finally caught up with them the scene was very different, people were still excited but everything was calm and serene.  I pushed my way to the front and was bewildered to see ahead of us the sea coming in from the opposite direction!  it was calm, and slowly making its way towards us, no crashing waves just gently lapping along. 

I was confused but so intrigued, how can this be? Before I had time to formulate my thoughts there was a big ‘OHHH’ from the crowd to the left, then silence.  Everyone was still, everything was quiet apart from the clicking of cameras. I looked back to the sea which had drawn closer then I looked down to the river below and saw it. 

The sea we had witnessed earlier was making its way towards the other!  it had calmed a little with travelling below the village but was travelling faster than the other.  the waves eventually touching momentarily before subsiding again, like they were testing the waters before diving in. Slowly they gently joined becoming one ocean, it was magical, so beautiful, it took my breath away and filled my heart with love and wonder.  As they joined, the sun was setting, casting rays of golden, red and orange light across the union, like the universe itself blessed this auspicious moment.  The seam where they joined was clearly visible, like they were seperate entities but joined as one, one soul, one energy yet individual in their own right.  Ying Yang.


Everyone turned and hugged each other, the love shared there in that moment was so powerful the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and tears of joy rolled down my cheeks.

People began to disperse, some going to find a cafe to sit and absorb the experience and others headed towards the wilderness to find a place to set up camp before darkness rolled in.

I walked slowly on the way back, replaying it in my head, in awe at what I had witnessed and sad that my partner had missed this magical experience.

Then I was asking someone if they know of a chiropractor that I could  visit for my back pain and they directed me to a building with an intercom.  i got there and rang for assistance, they let me into the building and it was set up a bit like a chemist.  I went to the receptionist window and asked if i could get an appointment with the chiropractor, she silently pointed me to a sign on the wall.  The sign was a bit like a directory, ‘press 1 for the Dentist’ etc…so I pressed the number for the chiropractor and sat down to wait.

While I was waiting, my partner appeared.  He came and sat next to me and i asked him how he had found me?  He said that is not important but what is, is that he realised what was behind his earlier out of character actions, he said that he realised it was fear.  That he had found someone he did not want to loose and through that fear he created the thing he feared most. And asked for my forgiveness.

At that moment there was a ping as the speaker announced for me to go to the reception. I stood up, squeezed his hand and smiled, then walked over to reception.  The lady had gone and there was a box of eggs sat there with my name wrote in the lid. Bemused I took the eggs and turned around to leave.

Then I woke up, with major back ache from all that running around. 😉

I realised while writing this out that we went around all the directions of the medicine wheel.

Starting out in the East by the T junction, moving to the West with the mountains,  North with the wilderness, South with the angry sea and back to the North/West for the merging. 

I will ponder on it all today but what do you think it means?












13 thoughts on “Melding of the Tides

  1. Wow! What a compelling and beautiful dream! I can feel the love seeping out of every word…

    There is so much nuance, and so much going on, that I would not venture a guess as to its “meaning”. I will, however, share my overall impression because, as a dreamworker myself, I understand that sometimes an outside perspective can trigger an innate understanding within myself. Even if they appear unrelated…


    My impression is that the title you chose captures the essence of the dream itself. Beautifully! It captures the “melding”, the unification of opposites apparent in everything from your dream partner, to the geography, to the nature of the opposing tides, to the father/son (old/new, wisdom/innocence, past/future, action/trust), to fear/love, to day/night, etc. The dream is steeped in this unification theme, this yin/yang, male/female imagery. Perhaps you have become Whole, your healing becoming obvious even to you, as there is a subtext of healing throughout the dream (relationship healing, father/son being ok, chiropractor in the medical building, etc…).

    Just some thoughts I had while reading this. I hope I didn’t overstep by writing so much… Blessings, dear Maria! 🙂

    • Techology breakdown here, I just wrote a long reply and went to hit send and its dissapeared. :/

      In a nutshell, thank you so much Lisa, I really appreciate your feedback and no not overstepped at all ❤ you echo my thoughts on the healing, becoming whole, tough my back is not good today lol…i realised too while replying that it echoes on the magpie post too. So thank you my dear friend, your feedback is always greatly appreciated. ❤

  2. For me it sounds like you were around a lot of your life in this dream. The flow of the waves and seas melding sounds to me, like you found solutions for some important questions in your life, just like everything went okay in your dream, even it was difficult at times.
    Maybe you just found yourself at a place, where you wish to be, Maria.

  3. The first thing that stuck me was the T junction.. You have come to a stop sign in your life and are now looking for a direction in which to carry on in some way.. The Partner is also your support.. /Backs also represent Support.. Significant as you awoke and dreamt of seeing a chiropractor to help heal it..
    The ocean merging is I think your spiritual path, also your emotional body too could be represented by water.. As you find peace in a situation. The two merging could also mean your Mind Body and Spirit, are you in some sort of battle with your emotional and physical body?
    The argument with your partner also showed your lack of trust and your ability to judge quickly.. Showing your flare of temper, again a sign of your insecurities..

    The partner finding you shows how you are never alone and how you can shift your awareness and forgive. And it is self explanatory about everyone holding onto Fear.
    The solution is given you in your gift of the eggs..
    Eggs representing new life, also you could also take this the other way as to not put all your eggs in one basket..
    Being that they connected you with the Chiropractor and your back/Support.. It could also be a sign that eggs easily break.. So it could be asking you to look carefully at anything you are connecting to emotionally to right now.. In what area are you feeling the lack of support, or fragile?
    Also loved what Lisa had to say about your dream too and could relate to that within your dream..
    Not much help but a little brain mulching often helps us see more into our dreams.. Xxx
    Hugs and Love Sue xxx

    • Sue, Thanku so much, you always help me to see things in a deeper way. I don’t feel supported in many areas of my life but I’m kinda used to that. Lol my back is so fragile been over five yrs of constant pain now and the docs are useless, have up on them earlier this year. Quick to judge. Hmm, I try not to be these days but am always quick to see the other side now, that bit to me spoke of my renewed self awareness and not being a doormat anymore. Deffo St a T junction. Want to leave the UK but got other stuff pending atm which will determine what I can do. So on tenterhooks till next month now but at least an end is in sight, whichever way it goes. Maybe i should visit a chiropractor about my back?
      I feel things are coming together, mind, body, spirit.
      Big love to you Sue. Blessings on this super full moon. 😀 xxx

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