Magpies and Black Cats.



A couple of weeks ago. five minutes after nearly crashing into the back of a truck, a black cat crossed over the road in front if me from East to West.  I took that as a good sign that I was still driving along the road instead of waiting for an ambulance.

On the way back, I had a Deja vous moment as history repeated itself. 

As I was driving along the country lane coming upto the junction, there were two magpies, one Sat either side of the road on the path, directly opposite each other. Like centuries guarding a gateway or a portal.

This is the second time this has happened with Magpie centurions. 

The first time was around 16-17 years ago as I was on my way to work. I got the same feeling this time as I did back then, that I was entering or passing through a sacred portal into new realms.

Can’t really say anything has changed in my life since,  but I have been clearing and cleaning. Had my living room decorated last week and sorted some things to sell and give to charity. Making space for fresh energy to flow.

I’m not too sure if it has a specific meaning but would welcome any thoughts. 😁

Magpie symbolism:

























5 thoughts on “Magpies and Black Cats.

  1. My immediate impression is also of portals and gateways, as cats tend to guard them. Magpies, as revealers of secrets, also serve as guardians and wayshowers. So in the first case, you avoided a wrong step, and in the second, you were welcomed to where you belong…

    Very positive, hopeful signs of change in my understanding, Maria! 🙂

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