Transforming the Mask – workshop 

New Workshop Date

Bear Foot Holistics


Transforming the Mask Workshop 

Crystal Space

12A Aire View


BD20 0AN

September 25th  11am – 6pm

As we grow from infant to adult hood we learn to cope with situations and people including ourselves, by presenting different faces to the world.  While they may lull some into a sense of familiarity and temporary acceptance, others see the fear of separation or the insecurities you bare beneath that mask and may use it against you to placate their own hidden insecurities and so the masquerade ball continues.

We learn at an early age that to be accepted we need to become people pleaser’s.  However, each time we wear a mask it fits a little bit more comfortably, until eventually we forget who we truly are and loose connection to our souls purpose as we dissolve deeper into that despair that created the first mask, one of many. 

Are you ready…

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