Herbal Salves

New Product Line coming soon 🙂

Bear Foot Holistics

In recent months a few people have asked about salves, so on Monday I made my first batch of Wild Rose Salve, which I am pleased to say  turned out beautifully.  The pic above is of the one that I am using.  The rest have been given away as samples to a few friends for product testing.  The feedback so far has been great 🙂

“The Texture is lovely” – A

“Smells and feels uplifting” – N

“Used it on my elbows and I can feel a difference already” – M

We will post more feedback when its all in.

I have been using it on my lips, on a small eczema patch on my arm, which is now almost gone since using the salve and on my Heart Chakra to alleviate Heart Ache/Loss.

As this was a test batch it is not for sale, however, I will be making…

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