Being in your Right Mind

Are you in your right mind?

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E.F.T is one of my favourite healing modules for rapid change.  I use it with clients and on myself when I am feeling off Kilter.  Brad Yates, is my personal Guru in the EFT world and today I listened to his latest video, which sparked a recognition of language patterns and hidden meanings.

We have all heard the saying, ‘They are not in their right mind’ and most of us understand this to mean that they are a bit crazy or depressed, angry or a bit stupid.

We say it when people act out in unusual ways, violence, drugs etc which are all born from the attached ego self.

But the deeper meaning is that they are not operating from their right mind/brain.

The world around us it at war, not just within the army, but with ourselves, our neighbours, our colleagues, our families, with nature.

Our Right Brains have…

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4 thoughts on “Being in your Right Mind

  1. Conflict (stress) occurs naturally. In the natural world it is witnessed in volcanos. Learning to deal with conflict is a major lesson for all concerned.
    Peace inside, and outside is what is necessary to control conflict.
    Thank you for this illuminating and well done post Maria.

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment Eddie. Your feedback is always welcomed. I like your observation, if I may offer another perspective? I don’t see natural phenomena as conflict, more of a natural cycle of life, death and regeneration. Thoughts? ❤

      • If the only option for your last step in life was into the volcano,
        would you have any conflicting emotions? and wouldn’t this produce a little stress?
        for instance, animals get stressed during extreme weather conditions.

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