Morning Chorus


What joy to be had before the dawn,

Sweet Skylark song, as I stretch and yawn.

He sings to welcome in the sun,

And joyfully rejoices this day a new.

The promise of the day ahead,

He beckons all to hear his call

Wake Up, Wake Up and see it all.

Come watch how the sun sheds rays of light

As it paints out the dark with coulours so bright.

Come see, rejoice and celebrate,

For we have been granted another day.

Get up, stand tall and sing your song

Join in the chorus, let our voices become one.

Turn your face to father sun

As he appears over the horizon.

Your new day has just begun.

Skylark Song:


Bounty full Blessings



9 thoughts on “Morning Chorus

  1. Lovely poem Maria.. Its been a while since I heard a thrush.. they went when alot of our hedgerows were pulled down for new homes.. Sadly.. But I do get my lovely Blackbird whom I call drop wing.. He has one wing lower than the other.. 🙂
    Nothing like the Dawn Chorus to greet us..
    Hugs Sue xx

      • Yes now I need to ask… Are the councils there cutting trees?? Sheffield had 3000 felled.. Leicester cut down ancient trees in the park.. Here on verges in loads of felling is being done.. Makes me wonder if some EU funding isn’t being given to destroy trees right now.. Crazy to cut down a 80 yr old tree to replace with a sapling.. Crazy!!!

      • OMG the poor tree, what a joke replacing it with a sapeling 😦 Our council have been doing lots of felling in our woods but there isnt really any trees on the verges where we live. Most of the farmers fields have sold out to big builders, even the old school plot is now being renovated into houses and that had turned into a beautiful nature haven over the past 4years since they pulled the school down. Our little village now is more like a town and stil expanding. Makes me sick to think of all the wildlife displaced, killed etc, let alone the trees and plants they depend on. Dont get me started lol x

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