Child Of The Universe.

Reblogging this from 2013, the message seems more urgent today.
Its time for people to remove the blinkers and take responsibility for their energies and how no matter how small they may feel, they are an integral part of the collective consciousness and realise that the only way to heal the rift in the outside world they must address their inner world.

Blessings ❤

Maria Wind Talker


I AM a child of the Universe…no more, no less.
Not ruled by any one doctorine
or mind programme
but the embodyment of all.
You are a child of the universe too,
If only you could see
That all is one and one for all
Then, none of us would trip or fall.
For what lies within, manifests out
So please, dear souls
Take heed,
What you bury beneath
Tis bequeathed to me.

borderMitakuye Oyasin ❤

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