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Afternoon all from a cold and wet UK.

I wanted to talk to you all today about something personal, however, after doing numerous searches over the years I see that it is a phenomena on the rise.

Around 8 years ago I started to hear static in my ears and head, this is not a ringing in the ears commonly associated with Tinitus.  It is more like electrical static that you get when you put the TV on standby and is not only in my ears but in my head too. It gets so loud that I can not sleep and can hear it over music or conversations, it literally does my head in.

When it first started happening I would go around the house checking that all the plug sockets were turned off, especially in my bedroom as that is where I notice it the most, when outside noises are quiet. It would last a couple of days at first but over the years has progressively gotten longer. 

So, I asked a few of my friends who also work with energies if they had had anything similar?  They suggested Tinnitus, apart from one who said they had similar but not very often. 

I meditated on it during quiet spells, and eventually was shown that it is connected to the expansion of energy awareness and is the sound of Earth and Universe fusing.  Which I could kind of relate to.

Then about 2 years ago I met a lady whos first words to me where, ‘Im fed up of this ringing in my head, the Doctors cant find anything wrong!’  She too had gone around turning off plug sockets and thought she was going insaine. After a few days of swapping stories and samples of ‘noise’ that was similar, we realised that what we were hearing was slightly different.  Which made me question the whole fusing theory that I had been shown years earlier, wouldnt we be hearing exactly the same sound if that were the case?

In recent searches I have come accross theories about it being, Ascention symptoms, Alien communication, sonic boom after affects, microwaves, and of course Tinitus. People describe it like the buzzing you get after a loud music gig, Explosions, or the static on the radio (white noise).  It seems it is a growing phenomena, especially in the USA. 

Personally I now know 4-5 people experiencing this.

While writing today I found this video about Tinitus, with various sound bites, non of which are what I hear but a very interesting vid all the same. 

My recent bout, curently ongoing in its 3rd week, is different. Every 15mins or so I get a double wave which kind of feels like a motion of being moved (energetically) back and forth a bit like when you are slipping in and out of sleep state, and sounds a bit like a bee. It starts in my head and moves out throughout my body in a matter of a couple of seconds.

Now, I might add here that since yesterday I have started with a sore throat, headache, cough and back ache. feels like mild flu symptoms. Could it be connected?

This is what I hear constantly:

Has anyone here experienced this? Do you have any idea what it is or why it is getting longer and louder?

Im leaning toward the whole ascention/fusion theory, would rather go with that, than drive myself crazy thinking that I am, crazy. ;p


Mitakuye Oyasin



MWT. ❤

10 thoughts on “Static Head

  1. The first link on the tinnitus wouldn’t work for me…the 2nd one did. I’ve had the constant noise that seems like a combo of ringing & static. Sometimes louder than other other times. I have looked into the tinnitus aspect and it just doesn’t seem to fit or feel right. So…I’m with ya! ❤

  2. Well, the rental agent for the flat where I live thinks I’m mad because I can hear the “heating system” buzzing loudly, particularly at night, whereas no other tenants seem at all aware of it! So, you have me thinking, Maria 🙂 Love & blessings, Sam 🙂

  3. Wow.. I listened to the TV static.. that was loud.. Now this is very interesting.. And for all I know I could be suffering from Tinnitus . As I have never sort medical help.. But for over a year now I have had a high pitch hiss in my ears, which often go into what I term as my down-loads.. If you ever remember those first early Atari Computers which had tapes to upload a programme it made a series of high pitched jumbled up noises..
    Well every so often that is what happens then it goes dead quiet for about 20 seconds no high pitch sound, like I am deaf.. Then the hissing starts again..
    At first it really annoyed me. Now its like its there and I function with it.. But I can not say if it is the same as you or not Maria..
    But When you think that we are Energy Beings.. And surrounding us is constant bombardment from radio, microwave, telephone, internet.. Is it any wonder we are hearing so much static..

    Hope you are feeling better with your cold..

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