Ramsons Ruminations

The sun is shining today after the rain yesterday, so we went on a hike for wild Garlic and Dandelions.



On the way we met a young boy around 8-9yrs old on a small kids sized Quad bike, with his dad running along behind him.  They said hello as they passed, laughing away with each other.  It made my heart swell, we don’t often see family’s playing together in the woods anymore. Its a lost art of communication, laughter.


Sharing deep belly laughs opens up our souls to be seen with invisible eyes, in those moments we are vulnerable and free.  Being able to open up this way with another is the most bonding experience two or more can share other than sex.

Laughter can leave us open to ridicule and judgement by some, even those laughing with us, But, it also lifts our vibration so much, that those who ridicule will soon be removed from your circle one way or another. To make space for other open souls to come join in this joyous rapture. 🙂

The sun brought hikers, dog walkers, cyclists and horse riders out today. All had a smile on their face, which you can’t help but smile back at. 😁

We found some wild garlic, not quite ready so I only took a few leaves to make pesto with for tea tonight and gathered a bag full of dandelions to share with my Rabbit.


On the way back we passed the boy on the Quad and his dad again. The dad looked exhausted but blissed out.

Which made me recall my experiences with my dad. Learning to ride a bike became a bullying lesson, destroyed my self confidence and riddled me with a fear of falling. Funny how I never connected those two dots till now. I’l tap that out shortly!


I started rock climbing all those years ago, to face a fear of heights, only to discover it was of falling, still have the fear of falling, or do I after this recent revelation? 🙂


Saw my first butterfly of the year and numerous Bees, a good sign of warmer weather to come. 😎

Children are our future, maintain their emotional health well and the rest will fall into place naturally.

On that note, my inner child and I are going to go plant the Beetroot out in the garden, then make pesto.

Happy Holidays everyone.
Enjoy your family. 😍


MWT. ❤

7 thoughts on “Ramsons Ruminations

  1. Wonderfully healing is laughter.. and yes seems like you joined the dots.. I did fall off a bike aged 7 and my fear to get back on one still remains.. 🙂 lol..
    Lovely to see families out walking in nature.. and having fun..
    Hope you found your treasures nothing like wild garlic and young shoots of dandelion leaves.. 🙂 Young nettle leaves are a favourite of mine for my nettle teas.. 🙂
    Lovely walking with you
    Hugs Sue xxx

    • Its funny isnt is how something so simple can bring up a memory that makes you go ‘Aha!!’ lol. Yes nettle tea one of my favs too. I recently got a dehydrator so that I can dry me herbs quicker. I use a lot of Dandelion root for my IBS and it takes ages to sun dry. Sue, do you know if Yarrow root has any properties? I use the flower and leaves but not found any info on the roots and they have fine looking roots. My gut says yes but without relevant info im reluctant to try it. Hope we can take a real walk together some day soon 🙂 xxx

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