Hot Stones incubating Dragons

I had a hot stone massage last night, a belated mothers day present.  It was amazing, I had no severe back pain last night and so far today, which is amazing, nothing usually works. 
During the massage, I went into semi deep state of meditation. I was imagining getting my  friends shop in Larnaca and turning it into a veggie/raw cafe. He used to sell shoes and the shop has been empty since he passed, over 10years ago. It was still there two years ago when I was there last.
I could see it being renovated by local artists, painting the outside with fruit and vegetables on a white background. Inside of the shop was filled with images of veggie and raw dishes, with wisdom quotes in the spaces inbetween. Three tables were outside, tables and chairs made from recycled timber and transformed into a banana table n chairs, a strawberry one and some kind of veggie one, I think a carrot.
I was trying to visualise the sign above the door with a name but struggled and in the end I shrugged my etheric shoulders and said, ‘Veggie Pit’ will do for now and saw it appear on the sign  ( I used to work in the Peach Pit) so my sub conscious was clearly trying to make it fit lol
After the massage, Laura said to me, do Dragons mean anything to you? I  thought it may have been for a friend of mine but Lauras expression said she didnt think so. 
I do have a Dragon ornament and did love them as a child. I did some work with one many years ago, he was quite dark in colour but ive not had any contact since.
So as it came to mind again earlier, I thougt, interesting connection with the hot stones and fire breathing dragons? so I googled dragon meaning.
The dragons medicine includes change and transformation, wisodm, infinity, longevity and movement through space, supernatural…read more:
How exciting, I will try to connect to dragon later this evening and see if he/she will help to manifest the cafe. 🙂
Dragon Blessings.

12 thoughts on “Hot Stones incubating Dragons

  1. So glad you got a HS massage, Maria, that’s my specialty, I actually gave one on Wednesday. And dragons mean a lot to me. For one thing, Quetzalcoatl is so much like the kundalini serpent at the base of our spine, and both resemble dragons. But also my dream last autumnal equinox was of all ascended beings of all time gathered at the top of a tall mountain, and the air was golden and a voice said, “Ho, Dragon Tamers, you are no longer Dragon Slayers.”

    And perhaps in moving beyond the need to slay our inner dragons we claim our sovereignty and fully embody the power of Shekinah.

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