Bubble bath…


Oh hot and bubbly bath,

you call to me like a siren to a sailer..
soon my love, soon…

I will languish in your warm liquid nectar

as the bubbles, absorb my woes,
swell and burst in a rapturous POP!

Then tickle my toes as they sink, down under.

Tirelessly you ease my bones, caress my skin and ease my soul.

For you dear bath and life giving water,
I remain for ever humbled and gracious of your treasure.

For some, this luxury may never come to pass.

Of this I am reminded, as water meets ass.

Be grateful for the things you take for granted, and make sure your feet are firmly planted

Within the space we call our heart, relax into the sublime wonder

Till it’s time to pull the plug
And free the grime from our chakras

Around it flows in a spiral
Free at last, that stuff goes viral

Back to mother earth as she breathes in and clears the path.

With thanks I step away and laugh out loud at what just came to pass. 😁



10 thoughts on “Bubble bath…

  1. Loved this Maria.. 🙂 Nothing like a relaxing bath.. and washing those Chakra’s clean.. 🙂 Loved your sense of humour too..haha… We are so very fortunate to have water on tap and hot water at that..
    In Love and Gratitude dear Mary..
    Bless your heart and enjoy a relaxing weekend.. May you ‘soak’ it up 🙂
    Hugs Sue

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