Remembering your way back


As I dissolve more and more into my heart space, I allow myself to witness those scenes where I feel guilt, shame, lack or pain.

Without hooking into the story and feeling the blame, I realise it is in the past and nothing can be changed.

With this realisation, I am aware for these, attonement is the way to bring ease, and in a flash I see the multidude of ways, that I pay my way back into grace.

Then with one almighty rush of love, my heart expands into infinate space and my body vibrates with vibrational resonance of the stardust, of which I am made.

A smile now creeps accros my face as I feel my own love for that face, that body, that mind, that soul, which once caused me such disgrace.

And then it awakes, that recognition within.  That all I teach is not fake, as I am reminded of the progress others make, when taking on board all I relate. 

Somewhere I slipped back off the path and today I remembered my way back. 🙂


Mitakuye Oyasin





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