Survivor or Just Surviving?

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As humans, we all have that innate instinct to survive. There is a difference, however, to being a survivor or just surviving…or barely surviving as I hear so many say. 

When we hit bottom, or even just a low point, the survivor instinct will kick in but what you do with that is a choice. The survivor will choose to not only fight but also to see it as a lesson to learn, a way to grow, a challenge, an opportunity for better and they will smile through it. They will have gratitude for what good is still around them and they will find that good as scarce as it may be! They will also know without a shadow of a doubt that this is only temporary.

Those that choose to just survive are the ones that scrape by…barely…and see each day as a burden and they are miserable…

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8 thoughts on “Survivor or Just Surviving?

  1. I had a choice very much like that recently. I had a choice to either continue to suffer and be a victim or find the courage to just let go and be guided by the clear light if my heart in offering forgiveness to those who couldn’t manage to provide it for me. It has been a long battle to get my roots deep enough to make such a decision without regret. Thank you form this inspiring piece. It resonates with were I am at the moment. Happy New Year and warmest regards!

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