Natural Disasters

While walking today on yet another severe weather day, I was thinking about how over the past 20yrs or so there has been an increase of natural, man made and personal disasters, all around Xmas time.
Has anyone else noticed this?
Some of the questions that come to my mind are…
Is it a coincidence that they are over the Xmas period, the time of the birth of the Christian saviour?
Is Creator, pissed that we celebrate false idols?
Is God/Creator trying to cleanse the faithless?
Will the final purification happen during this period?
Or…because of our heightened awareness of tragedy during the ‘family season’, do we actually create more incidents each year, through our programmed fear of it happening again?
Maybe you have thoughts or questions on this too?
I would love to hear them 🙂

4 thoughts on “Natural Disasters

  1. I’m not sure it’s just the one thing. Maybe we are all creating this together to experiment in how we deal with catastrophe. Because these events occur over the holidays, most people are off work together. Perhaps we intend it as a trigger at a time when we are open emotionally and feel the true value of love over material possessions. Xmas is now an orgy of overindulgence, yet when it’s over and we awaken from the spell of advertising, we realise that family, friends and relationships are what matter most. Disasters can make us feel this more keenly as we empathise with those that have lost loved ones. It’s like we didn’t get it last year, so let’s manifest another disaster and see if we get it this time around. Again and again we remind ourselves that love is the treasure not things that beguile ys with their sparkle.

    • Yes!! thats what I feel too. We must get to grip with our thoughts. I catch myself saying the same thing every year, ‘omg why are there so many deaths/disasters around xmas and I ‘hate’ xmas because ive lost so many loved ones at this time’
      We are our own worst enemies, we in the collective term. Love is the only thing that can turn an enemy into a friend. ❤

  2. Our collective thoughts I feel have a lot to do with events which often we do not realise we are manifesting via the fear of our thinking..
    And agree with Sue above and your response Maria, that Love is all powerful in its creation to stem the hate and negative events..

    Love to you ❤ my friend

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