I have come to realise that our soul purpose in life is to have a purpose, something that contributes positively to anothers life. Not for Ego reasons of self importance but for the souls reason to remain within this meat suit we wear while on this earthly plain.
The purpose is to share and recieve LOVE.
What does it mean to share Love? Love is to feel/be useful in some way, to show appreciation and feel appreciated, to share knowledge, kindness, support. To be of service.
When we feel purposless or in modern day terms, useless, then our soul begins to die, we become depressed, insular and eventually loose the will to live. We see it around us every day now, as society has lost touch with their souls as greed creates a divide within our own race, to the point that we live like seperate species competing for breeding grounds.
As children we adopt dolls, teddys and pets as our own, we care for them, love them and in return we recieve love back, not in the same way of course but we accept the love given with graitude and respect for the reciprocation.
As we grow, we share this love with our parents and siblings, cousins and school friends, colleagues and friends.
Our purpose is to extend that love as far and wide as possible, not to keep it closed within the ranks of our family, this does not satiate the soul. And so we reach out further and further, spreading love accross others terretories till vibrations meet similar and meld, before extending out even further, strengthened by the unified understanding that Love is all there is.
The internet has speeded/aided this process up expedentially and I for one am very grateful for this tool we have at hand and for those wo have chosen to use it wisely, for the friendships made, healing, laughter and most of all, the Love shared. ❤
In my recent loss and subsequent vacation from the net, I truly came to understand that we are all connected and when that connection is lost, though we still feel connected in our hearts, We loose all sense of purpose, which leads to questions like, why am I still here? what am i contributing to the world?
Mothers go through this when their children leave home, I know I did the first time my dauhter left home.
Of course I serve a basic purpose of care, for my Loui who needs feeding, walking, play time and to my daughter who may need my advice, money or a cuddle at some point. Yet the soul longs for more, more meaning? More of an input? More balance? More LOVE?
Maybe it is just the human condition to always want more?
However, there is a big difference between want and need.
I want to go live in a hot country and create a non profit holistic eco community and animal sanctuary. This is my souls calling and while I hold that dream/focus I have a purpose, a passion, a need to share and create community.
Now this may never come to pass but the energy emited into the collective consciousness has created a ripple of intent and over the past 20yrs or so I have seen it manifested over and over again by others who have the means and caught that wave, as I caught anothers initially.
Now, I may want this with every fibre of my being but my body does not need it. It does however, need air to breath or it will die.  Just as the soul needs to feel a part of/loved to survive.
People with terminal illnesses survive longer in more comfort than someone without family, being taken care of by nurses alone.  The dis-ease is still there, but Love gives rise to purpose, they feel needed which gives them a reason to fight, and a desire to remain submerged in that glorious energy we call love.
I did a video a few years back about collective consciousness and how a thought can be felt accross the globe, where it can be acted on.
So become aware of the power in your thoughts, keep them loving at all times.
Remember we are all one being, one living organism that has an awareness of the all, just like your head knows when your toe is itching.
Your arm does not feel less than, because it did not pick up on the toe, it reaches down and scratches it.
Mitakuye Oyasin

9 thoughts on “Purpose?

  1. Hi Maria, yes, I totally resonate with the idea that “we are one living organism” and for that reason “our purpose is to extend that love as far and wide as possible, not to keep it closed within the ranks of our family”. Lots to ponder over reading this excellent post of yours 🙂 And btw: I also would like to “live in a hot country and create a non profit holistic eco community and animal sanctuary” 🙂 Joyful greetings, Sam

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