Happy New year


Happy New Year one and all,  may 2016 bring you enough. ❤

It has been a long while since I last came onto WP, please accept my appologies for my abscense on your pages, I hope to get to catch up with some of your posts over this next week.

These last couple of months have been very challenging to say the least, with the death of my beloved cousin and other personal issues at the same time, my whole system shut down to the point where I couldnt even summon up the energy to speak!

Grief and Fear, so intimately intertwined, that one simply cannot exist without the other.

Life is a constant ride of highs and lows, with the balanced moments being just that, a moments respite before the next rise or fall.  In these moments we can view things from the vantage point of where we are at and gain a wider perspective than what we had.

Though im battling with my shadow self at the moment, I have missed the interaction here, the wisdom and beauty shared by you all. 

A good sign I think, ‘slowly, the wings of a butterfly unferl and become strong enough to take flight’.


So here we are in 2016, a new year, new opportunities, new starts, new dreams, goals and aspirations.

There is much talk of 2016 being the year of full disclosure, what does that mean to us as a race? to Mother Earth? of the future?

I am not sure, however, previously in meditaqtion I have been shown a time of flooding, fire and war, which is all coming to pass right now, followed by a time of peace, love and unity.

Last week I was pondering on how our species is to survive and retain balance with nature and unity with all.  This stime of purging though scary is exactly what we need to awaken humanity.  I do feel though that the window of opportunity is closing pretty quickley now and those who choose to remain asleep, may have already sealed their fate.  We must accept that it is not for us to force or try to save people, we can only work on ourselves and through the rising of our own vibration others will be lifted too. 

Lets pray that we have done enough for ourselves to make it through the transitions.

In the future I see small communities, villages, living in balance with the land, nature and each other.  We may be the superior race but with knowledge comes great responsibility and so far we have been very destructive in our lust for greed and domination. We have another chance now to do things diferently, it may be our last, mother earth has a natural life span too, lets find a cure for her ills, extend her life and allow all life to thrive for generations to come. 

The Ancestors hold some of the answers that we can learn from and with modern day knowledge, technology and awareness we CAN truly create a utopian life.

‘Maybe im a dreamer…but…im not the only one’. – John Lennon


Beauty abounds, its there for all to see, even in the dark there is light, find it, follow it, let it guide you home.


Mitakuye Oyasin



MWT. ❤


8 thoughts on “Happy New year

  1. Thank you sweet Maria. I feel the same way too. I sense major upheavals are on the way. Mother Earth is going through a purging process I feel. I love your vision for the future – small village like communities supporting each other and living in harmony with the earth, the turning seasons and all life. The insanity and darkness is growing, it is impossible to ignore but each of us who holds a light within us can help to stabilise peace, light, love and healing energies for all. Much love, light and many blessings ❤

  2. Dear Maria, so saddened to hear of your grief and loss.. Sometimes it grief takes a great chunk of our spirit with them as we battle holding together our emotional turmoil..

    I felt like this around this time last year.. when my beloved elderly aunty died, who was like a second mother to me. It left me bereft and without a spark for a while..

    I know we are also mirroring and feeling more than our own grieving right now Maria.. as we who are empathic ‘Feel’ the pain of those souls in distress around our globe, not to mention our Earth’s Mother’s distress..

    I do feel that 2016 is going to be a pivotal turning point in the history of our planet.. and if you can summon up your strength to unite in conversations within our Blogging Community, many whom I see now are also shining lights into the world for our Unity and harmony..

    I know this interaction will help pull you back from the abyss of shadows and into the Light of love among friends..

    Stay strong Maria.. and you know where I am should you need a friend.. Love Sue ❤

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