Birthday Trial By Fire

A year ago today…Blessed to be here another year ❤

Maria Wind Talker

Last week I entered into my 47th year on this earth plane (this time around)
The last couple of years I have gone camping with friends to my sacred place in Derbyshire, however, due to my increasingly failing health, I didn’t fancy it but did want to get away somewhere.  Then my lovely friend of some 34year, very kindly offered me the use of her static caravan in Kilnsea for a couple of days. Wonderful 🙂

Copy of SAM_4391
I was looking forward to spending some quality time with my daughter, however it was not meant to be as she had an appointment that could not be changed. So I invited a friend along but she couldn’t make it either. I figured that the universe wanted me to enjoy some total quiet times, no internet, phone or mum duties to worry about.
Loui and I set off on the two hour drive the…

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