What kind of human are you?

we-do-not-create-our-destinyThe last couple of days I have had this question in my head.

‘Are you a Human Being, or a Human Doing?’


After pondering on the word Human for a while I remembered the toning that I do in the bath and broke it down to ‘HU Man’.



HU being the source of all sound, the essence of creator. Helps us to move stagnant energy throughout our organs and body.

Man[a] is a food that stems from biblical times. God Gave Moses and his people the Celestial Mana when they were travelling through the desert to sustain them on the journey.

In the Austronesian language it means ; Power, prestige and effectiveness. In most cases the Power is understood to be of a Supernatural kind.


As HU Man’s then, we each posses the power of the universe within. We hold the Power to create anything we wish for, and it will be made manifest by divine synchronicity.

Each thought, feeling, action, every word spoken carries a vibrational resonance that ripples out around the globe, through out the universe and reflects back to us in the 3D world.

Are your thoughts, feelings, actions and words in alignment with your soul?

If not where in your life is out of balance and what can you do to change the frequency there?

Are you ready to come back into balance or content where you are?


Are you a Human Being or Doing?

Be the change we wish to see and sure it will come to be.


Mitakuye Oyasin

Maria Wind Talker


7 thoughts on “What kind of human are you?

  1. Thank you. Great post. Perfect timing for me. I was wrestling with an important life decision. And this brought some much needed clarity! Many blessings dear friend.

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