Magical Times


Well what a mad crazy month January is turning out to be.  So much has happened on a daily basis since my last blog Dreams and Visions:

To be fair the real transitions started for me last August but this month has been a whirl.

Now that the snow ball has gathered momentum its going at break neck speed and keeping track of anything is a struggle. It is like I am walking through a portal and all the information is coming towards me so fast that it is instantly absorbed into the whole of my being without me having to register it on a conscious level.

Yet other information it seems is vital to remember and those I process, these little sign posts if followed will unlock the energy/wisdom/teachings needed to carry me forward and the rest for now, are integrating at a cellular level.

Interesting when things speed up, when our energy refines as we shed our shadow selves and come full circle, how obstacles or resistance also speeds up and present all at once too!.


How we handle them will determine the lessons of the next go around the wheel.

Will we continue on the same path, reliving the same lesson? Or, will we learn it, fully, and move on?

Christmas is generally a very depressing time for me, with my mother gone and being single. However, this year something shifted.

Regardless of the mind numbing toothache and consequent pulling, not enough hours in the day, the PC breaking, My mobile not working, being too ill to party NYE and only the other day, falling out with my father! In spite of all these trying to pull me into ‘poor me mode’, I have stayed detached, almost numb to the possible drama and grateful for all the positive things.

Seeing the bigger picture, being aware of the fine tuning and open to the guidance of my higher self, guides, Creator.  I am excited for the first time in a long time, It is the most wonderful privilege to be alive in this historical time.


This was a message I recently got from one of the power animals.


‘This time of inner work is coming to a vital point now as the world awakens and recognizes the earth changes at a vibratory level, feeling it, being it.  People of all faiths and beliefs are uniting, making a stand for humanity to be restored, to put an end to the destruction of our planet and all that inhabit it.

The outside world is speeding up yet our inner worlds are becoming stiller, as our physical and energetic changes/upgrades occur.

We must play our part and stay focused, actions and words must match up.  There will be many distractions come our way in different forms, we must stay true to the path we are on at all times.

And so it is that we must keep our circles clear at all times, regardless of emotional hooks or empathy.  Let those that no longer walk the same path go (even family, blood or soul) without remorse or sadness but in Gratitude and Love.

Their work lays elsewhere now as does ours, fated paths will cross once more in the future.

‘To try and keep one foot in your truth and the other in someone else’s, will only lead to a pulled ham string!’

Make room for others to step in.  How else can we grow or help others to?

This is the way it has always been, the path of wisdom is ever evolving and changing, so it is that stagnant energy must be cleared regularly, keep your circle clean and your heart open.’ HO!



Today I had a conversation with one of my trusted friends and had some amazing confirmation related to the Dreams and Visions post and Von.  Its nothing I can share right now but am looking forward to reporting on it after the event 🙂


A lot of people are experiencing this whirlwind affect at the moment.  All I can say is, do not let the 3D drama affect your inner calm and hold onto your britches because its going to be a hell of a ride!!


When I started this blog, I intended on sharing with you the soul retrieval I had, the story of my Shaman Snow man ceremony, the resolving of my father issues, realizing a past life connection with someone and letting that go and the most beautiful visit from my soul sister Von.

But Ive rambled on enough it seems, maybe i’l blog about those another time.

I am going to head off and play with some plaster cast now. 🙂



Maria Wind Talker ❤


7 thoughts on “Magical Times

  1. Wonderful post my friend.. “Interesting when things speed up, when our energy refines as we shed our shadow selves and come full circle, how obstacles or resistance also speeds up and present all at once too!.”,, so relate to this..
    And I so enjoyed your thoughts.. Bear is one of my own animal totems.. and has come to my rescue several times..

    I must see why I am not getting your updates in my email.. and I have not seen any in the reader..

    Love and Blessings
    Sue xox

    • Thank you Sue, Bear medicine is wonderfully insightful. I’m not sure how to get posts, I don’t see everyone’s either and I’ve got it set so that I should lol the wonders of technology. Full Moon Blessings to you and yours 😍 x

      • By the way. when I click on your logo, I still get the same no blog message.. You have the word BLOG in your url

        And you don’t have it on your site header.. I got into your blog from saving your blog address in my browser.. You may need to update your Gavitar connection.. as I am sure people can not access your blog when you leave messages.. Try clicking on your logo yourself and see where it takes you 🙂 xxx

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