The path of Ascension


Ascension…what images does this word conjure up for you?  What sensations?

The word implies a higher elevation, a raising up of something or as the dictionary states: ascension  1. the act of ascending 2. (Astronomy) Astronomy the rising of a star above the horizon ascensional  adj


 So many seek to achieve Ascension from outside of themselves, from God, Buddha, the Angels, Star Nations or Ancestors. However, true Ascension comes from going deep within to the deepest darkest places of self at our underlying fears and staring them directly in the eye.


”Once you confront your fears, the only thing left to fear is fear itself. – Jim Morrisson


In affect ascension only truly starts once you begin the journey into self, the further down you burrow, the more light you draw into the dark and nothing can hide, hinder or harm you once brought forth into the light of your awareness.

As we peel back the outer layers we may feel like we are breezing through this roller coaster ride. Till we begin to get to the deeper ones, the ones that are tougher to remove, that break off and splinter.  These can take there toll and most give up here, claiming they have dealt with everything but they only fool themselves. The next layer reveals the core, the seed that grew into this tough ball of Neurosis.


For those who find the strength to get back up eventually will finally remove the last pieces, filling their whole being with light so bright, that darkness can never remain there again.

Change begins with a single thought, act on yours today!!


Maria Wind Talker 🙂


14 thoughts on “The path of Ascension

  1. When I think of the word ascension I find this thought – a healthy surrender to detachment. I believe that we, as such an emotional species, often attach too heavily to ideas and expectations. To surrender to detachment allows us to learn more about ourselves and our connections with the living world in a way that will not be clouded by ego driven emotions. The word ascension itself visually takes me to a place of feeling like a particle that can float above a situation or idea one may be considering and view it from above….a way to step outside and look within really.
    Thank you for provoking this thought! I am curious to see if others post ideas about this as well.

  2. “Ascension” is much talked about these days.


    Much of the “new age” following has very little understanding of the how’s and why’s behind it. What is even more upsetting, is the fact that so many of these “groups” want to charge a premium for what could easily be common knowledge, and even public-domain knowledge that is already out there.

    So, with there being so many published works in our libraries and on-line, there is plenty to find and study. Always, though, “practice makes perfect”. Though we can not force the “when” and “where” our own ascension will happen, we CAN make it a better guarantee that it WILL happen when we take a proactive approach in our learning, doing, and understanding of it.

    Thanks for a great post!

    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye

    • Thank you 🙂
      I dont have a problem with people charging for their work, after all they are giving up their time, which they can never get back. However, some of the more ‘known’ people lets say charge extortionate prices, which kinda contradicts the ethical side of things.

      Yes I suppose there is lots of info out there especially since the internet and I totally agree, it is all out there in the universal field of consciousness for the taking. I remember when the ‘Secret. came out and I had past students and friends ringing me to say, ‘You’ve been telling us that for years!’ lol

      Personally, I go with whatever i’m experiencing, whatever my truth is at that time and trust that the universe will guide me to another person, or a blog, article etc that will confirm or deny my understanding and add another layer.

      What a wonderful journey it is when we are open to the flow.

      Maria 🙂

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