The “Inbetween” (For Readers & Clients)

Brilliant piece by my friend Lorraine for anyone who has a reading. We are all responsible for our own Destiny, a readers role is that of guide, only! Being open to all opportunities that may lead us to our goal is vital. Xxx

kat says


The in-between
This is for both readers & receivers. I just wanted to share a perspective on the parts of readings that can get forgotten. So many times the receiver can get so focused on the outcome that they can miss the lessons or the steps needed “in between”. As readers we should remember to keep in mind that our clients can take our information quite seriously so we need to be responsible how we present it. Too often I have had clients come to me for a reading and they’re frustrated because they had a reading prior and nothing has happened. Sometimes they blame the reader….sometimes they blame the Universe….(they don’t usually see their own part in it) either way they are frustrated & stuck.
Heres a couple of examples:
First one (career):
Client: I was told about 6 months ago in a reading that I should be working…

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