Dreams and Visions.

The last few months have been trying not only for me but for many others too.  Personally I know that I have been going through some ‘fine tuning’ lets say, which is never a painless process and generally gives me severe migraines, buzzing in my ears/head and lots of CBA time.  Ive had some pretty messed up dreams as you know and on top of that Ive had severe toothache too.

So over the past few weeks I have been kind of anticipating some kind of vision or aha moment sooner or later. New Years Eve, I was in a lot of pain with my tooth so I passed up the party invites and settled down under the duvet with a film and a cocktail of co-codomol and Olive leaf tincture.

The film didn’t really grab me but a friend wanted me to watch it and feedback to her as it had had a profound affect on her.  About half an hour into the film I began to feel sleepy (code for I was going into trance) lol. I was blinking a lot, not wanting to miss the film and fighting it off as long as I could but every time I blinked all I could see was an infinite pattern of the flower of life, like a huge Mandala in Greens, Browns, Purples and Pinks that filled my whole vision.  The pattern was tiny, it reminded me of a fly’s eye. Eventually intrigued more by the pattern than the film, I gave in, turning off the film to float into the matrix behind my eyelids.

It was beautiful and fluid, it would change into pretty spiral patterns then go back to the original before changing again. Then something awoke in my subconscious just enough to remind me that it was new years eve, that the wheel was about to turn again and that I should empty the vessel ready to be filled with fresh inspiration.  So I spent quite a while releasing what no longer serves me, with love, gratitude, forgiveness and acceptance while drifting deeper into the mandala and my sub conscious.

Funny what you become aware of while in trance, from the tiniest detail to the faintest noise, all leading to a deeper understanding an acceptance and a letting go. Things that have drove me crazy with guilt were shown to me in a different light, reminding me where I chose to ignore other peoples behavior and shouldered all the blame myself.  I also noticed that on three of the blocks that carried a similar energetic pattern, that I physically let out a deep sigh of sadness before it was released.  The last one was greatly dissipated and I felt a sense of relief, like a it had been totally released. 🙂

It all got a bit jumbled after that, I was asking my guide about the earth changes and where will be safe if anywhere, about work, relationships, my daughters future, praying that all will be well etc.

Everything was fragmented, I would start to get clarity on one question, then another thing would appear or another question but ultimately the fragments were all part of the whole.  In other words, they were all inter dependent on each other, kind of like those picture blocks with a different image on each side that made different pictures, all connected via the cube yet all individual too.

A few really stand out, like being reunited with one of my power animals that I have not seen much of lately, of a fork in the road and ‘trying out’ the possibilities of each path a little, of a beautiful man inside and out, of being truly happy.

The most curious was the Mayan/Aztec temple with a huge spinning ball of pure white light with 12 stands of light coming out of it and I heard ‘dodecahedron’, it was sat on the flat roof of the temple and the no 9 had some connection with it.  I thought it was maybe Tikal, but I don’t think it is though after googling it and I felt the 9 was the 9th of January but it could be the 9th of any month or even September!

In between all this I kept getting shown how to carve a wolfs head on a staff basically  telling me I need to learn how to whittle.  Then today in divine Synchronicity,  my friend Alexander sent me a video on how to make a NA flute, something Ive been longing for myself for a year now lol So what does this all mean? Right now I have no idea but it all feels positive.  😀

The next day I tried to draw the two most important images.  Having never drawn a flower of life before I figured trying to do a full sheet of coloured tiny ones might be a bit ambitious, so I drew the one above.  Its not perfect but not bad for a first attempt. Then I drew the pyramid, not being an artist I have no idea how to create a ball of light and somehow ended up putting more rays on it too. lol

So what are your thoughts??

My conclusions so far are, that we have to drop the bags of bricks, float to the surface and breath new life into our souls before we can swim to the shore.

The winds of change are upon us, we can either be blown backwards or we can learn to dance to the rhythm of the breeze. (learning new ways of thinking and doing)

To stay consciously connected to the web of life at all times, being aware of every thought, action and how that affects the web. Like in my vision, though I was submerged in my sub conscious and in deep trance, yet I was also consciously aware. One eye focused in 3D and one on the matrix.

To take responsibility for our choices and actions and not of others.

To be open to new possibilities, talents and knowledge.

To love, no matter what and to care for own emotional well being as we would our own child’s. ❤


Love and Blessings.

Maria. ❤


17 thoughts on “Dreams and Visions.

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  3. Wow, Maria, very cool visions you had! I also see the mandalas, tiny mandalas when I close my eyes. And have always been able to see the molecules floating around in the air, all interconnected like all of us in the great ocean of life.

    Such amazing times we live in. Our kids are gonna be okay, there’s definitely a reason why we returned at this time! I am so thankful to know you – you are a blessing in mine and so many people’s lives! Keep shining, beautiful.

  4. This was s powerful and prophetic vision, Maria! I agree with many of your conclusions, but I’m wondering if more has been revealed since then?

    I ask because I also have been “receiving” images of both Mayan artifacts and mandalas, though more so this year than last. I also “wrote” a poem “Bird Talk” not too long ago, in which a Condor showed up to reveal “the ancient ones will rise again, each in their own time.”

    I’m feeling very out of synch with Time today, and then Kamea shared this vision of yours from last year, and I can’t shake the feeling that all are connected somehow…

    Just curious, not crazy. Lol!

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