Weird Dreams


Lately I have had some pretty disturbing dreams. I wrote about a couple in my last post Akima…read it here: t

Last night and this morning presenting two more.

Now it may also have something to do with the cocktail of pain killers I had taken due to severe tooth pain.But whatever the reason, i am sure my dreams are trying to out my demons one way or another!

image                                                                             Loui ❤


Both were lucid but the first one was very graphic, I woke up at around 4.30am.

I was knelt down on my lounge, my friend was knelt down beside me and I had my dog Loui pinned to the floor!

I said in cold detached manner, like I was in a trance, ‘i am sorry but it is just how it has to be’.

And then I slit his throat! He was still alive and tried to struggle, so I said sorry and ended his life.  Blood was running all over the laminate and the image of the look in his eyes, awoke my programmed emotions. Mortified and crying, I woke up!



The second dream I have been in before but it is always slightly different.  Some friends and I are having a party in a courtyard of a villa somewhere in the Mediterranean
We are having a great time, laughing, dancing etc. Then i’m joined by a guy and I feel very loved. The next day we take a walk around the shops and go for a hike in the mountains with another couple.

That evening we had dinner then milled around the villa for while, chatting with people before getting an early night.

Something woke me and I realise that my partner is not there but think he may have gone to the toilet, then turning over to get back to sleep im aware of laughter coming from the courtyard below.

So I get up and go to the veranda to take a look. Below I see my friend and partner having sex.  I turn on the light and they realise they were spotted and looked up at me with guilty faces. Then I wake up.


Now I just have to say that I am a non violent, very squeamish person, so these dreams are quite worrying.

Im sure a psychotherapist would have a field day with them lol

Any thoughts welcome.

Maria ♥


2 thoughts on “Weird Dreams

  1. Sounds disturbing, but don’t worry, dreams are symbolic and represent aspects of your own conciousness just drawing attention to themselves for the purpose of seeking resolution or integration. The attack on your dog may represent a deep seated abhorrance or frustration at the kind of domesticity that a tamed dog might represent, an expression of primal aggression in order to reconnect you with the kind of creativity that may be frequently found from aknowledging and integrating aspects of the shadow self. But of course there will be a deeper meaning that only you can determine based on what the dog represents symbolically for you. The knife (sword) in Alchemy often represents the penetrating power of the mind, (wisdom) and encourages the wielding of trained intellect to bring about the results we seek. This could represent a powerful healing opportunity. I’ve confronted some terrifying dreams which have led to major breakthroughs in my spiritual development. They have often been part of a process of death of some aspect of self inevitably followed by a rebirth of some kind. I hope this helps. Best of luck with this! Warmest wishes.

  2. Thank you Lee. It makes sense on the frustration with nature/animal abuse and on the health front. Kinda ties in with the other dream I wrote about recently too. Thank you again.
    May 2015 bring you enough. ❤

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