Sound Waves

nikola tesla - key to the universe

As some of you know with my busy life the only time that I generally get to Meditate these days is at bathtime. My bath has become more about ME time than getting clean time.

One of my practices is ‘Sound Bath Healing – Chanting’. It is somethig that I have done since childhood and re-intergrated it again a couple of years ago, bringing it into my health regime. It is a powerful tool for transformation, you can try it for yourself here:


Tonight when I added the OM sound to it, it moved to another level, blew my mind at first.  It is not the first time that I have added the OM, so not sure if it was that, that made the difference but whatever has opened this doorway, I THANK YOU ❤

As I was Chanting HU I could see the energy/sound waves expanding out in a geometric shape, disipating as I ran out of breath and starting again with the next.  The same happened with HA and OM.

I stopped and started 3 times to see if it happened again and if the patterns changed.  They were the same each time.

Am not very good at drawing but had to draw them out so that I dont forget and make a mental note to self to buy a compass!! lol


Has anyone else experienced this??

I will try to draw them better once I get a compass but here they are:

Here is my favourite HA




Any thoughts – Feedback welcome.





12 thoughts on “Sound Waves

  1. Hi,

    Very nice short write-up. Nikola Tesla was quite the brain of his time!

    On a note about sound and harmonics, etc:

    I remember an interesting shortwave program years ago that talked about sound, frequencies, and their possible uses in healing in the ancient times. I would like to share with you some of the frequencies (given in BASE-9 numerics, as there was no “0” representation). These are given (I believe) in Hertz (or the older designation: “cycles-per-second”) : : :

    . . . ?

    This was supposedly one representation of the old “octave” of sound whereas some of the ancient music was played using this note scale. Much of today’s modern music falls well outside of the energetic characteristics of the older, known sounds. – I wonder what kinds of healing music one could write with these, and what would it sound like?

    This is a fascinating area to explore.

    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye

    • Thank you very much, yes I posted an article a few months ago about the 4×4 beat not being a good vibration to tune into. I will try find it and post it on here.

      Unfortunately I am not a musician, however, interesting question, I would like to hear it. 🙂

      • Here’s a link to an On-line tone generator. I works well with my browser.

        I can even get a locally-saved copy of the page to work because it is all done in JavaScript and using jQuery libraries (all saved with the “save as webpage complete” option). Like I said previously, the notes I gave are in BASE-9 notation, which means they would have to be converted to our BASE-10 numerics first.

        As to the 4 X 4, or quarter-note beat, it is alright for general music, but like Tesla noted: Nature works mainly in three’s (at least, in THIS physical ordinary-reality). Probably explains why some of the most emotionally-powerful music has typically been of the 3 X 3 beat (like much of the Celtic and other oldtime music).

        – Rev. Dragon’s Eye

  2. I discovered the merits of chanting in the bath by accident a while back, just randomly with an Ohm and a bunch of Epsom Salts, but I have never tried the full three syllables. The power would be condensed and amplified considerably by water, I imagine. Especially with a high concentration of salts. What about the full set of chakra syllables either in chanting or with singing bowls or speakers placed up against the sides of the bath?

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