Staying in the Flow…


It has been the most amazing few months since getting back from my trip home to Cyprus.

Before I went away in April, I had the inspiration of putting on a Monday group each week, with a different type of group each week, i.e Meditation, Healing, EFT and Shamanic Drumming.

Monday nights felt right, it would be great time to re energise people for the week ahead, especially for those who work and play hard.

I was a little concerned about no one turning up, as I hadn’t ran a regular group for two years due to my illness and being off the radar for so long BUT I put my trust in the universe, in the guidance that inspired my thinking in the first place and when any moments of weak thinking surfaced, I reminded myself of the mantra I used while traveling around Mexico/USA

‘The Universe will provide, its ALL good’ AND the one I have been using since last year ‘I choose to be surrounded by AUTHENTIC relationships’🙂

Needless to say my Monday groups attracted a whole new crowd of people with a higher vibration and more personal awareness. Fantastic!…Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!<3


A few weeks ago I  got to meet a dear friend who came over from Australia, we have been friends on Facebook for a couple of years but had lost touch a bit over recent months with our busy lives.  So it was a real joy to have been able to meet the man behind the ‘World Peace is Possible’ movement and who has brought so much laughter to my life.  The visit also created the opportunity to reconnect with another friend who I have not seen in a long time too.   Weazel, love you Brother ❤


Then I was presented with a great opportunity to host a Shamanic Drum Circle at the Beaula Festival to a possible group of 30 people. Thank you so much Susan Laing for putting me forward, it was amazing!

The Festival was last weekend, I was there on the 19th. and well, the day before, it was glorious weather, sunshine all day but on the day, it was monsoon season with severe weather warnings and Thunder storms expected!

On top of that, nothing was going right, from my hair, to last minute ‘items’ deciding they wanted to come along too lol


I wondered why the resistance? I knew there was a possibility of someone being there who recently left my life but personally, I was not worried by that, maybe the resistance was not all mine?

Anyhow, I set off later than I wanted to and took to the motorway in torrential rain with no idea where I was going and hoping the sat nav didn’t fail me.  (I avoid driving in heavy rain or snow normally) Thankfully the sat nav got me there safely, even though it did jump off the windscreen into my lap half way there, scaring the bejeezus out of the car driver in the next lane when I nearly swerved into him!

Bizarrely, I was un-phased and calmly pulled onto the hard shoulder to fix the sat nav and head back on my way.

Now, the old me would have looked at all the warning signs and canceled as I would have been sure a disastrous day lay ahead. But, these days if my gut is not telling me a clear NO, then I go for it, in spite of any resistance to whatever experiences are awaiting.  ‘We can not change things by approaching them from the same angle’, so if walking into a scenario that could possibly lower my vibration, I have a choice, allow it or rise above it.  Only then will the circuit be broken and a new one created.

On arrival I met a beautiful lady from Peru (yes its come up again) lol…We spoke for about an hour, then I went and took a couple of pics in the yoga/dance tent, where I saw the recently departed friend, which didnt phase me at all, yippee 🙂   This felt like my reward for overcoming the obstacles/resistance of earlier.

Then it was time for me to create sacred space in the Roundhouse, ready for the drum circle. Very gratefully, the roundhouse which was perfect, was jammed packed and unfortunately some people could not get in. However, for those who were there, a massive Thank You for being present, open minded and such beautiful people. ❤


I think I can safely say WOW to the whole experience, everyone enjoyed their journeys into the unseen worlds and many had some profound ‘Aha’ moments, the feedback was amazing!

On my way back to the car one of my friends stopped me for a chat and he walked me back to the car while we chatted and stood at the side I saw another old friend who I didn’t know would be there, again, it did not deflate the high that I was on one bit, I don’t think anything could after the drumming.

I felt that with the two people who had hurt me deeply being there,  was a big test to check my ‘re actions’.  In the past it would have totally wrecked my energy and put a dampener on what I was there to do, my hurt ego self going into either anger or self pity mode.  So I really feel like I passed a huge test by being totally neutral about it all.  Interestingly I saw the last one at the start of the day and the first one at the end of the day, full circle. 😀


On the way back the rain had stopped and the sun was shining brightly, as if in appreciation of the day.   It was a beautiful evening with some beautiful views of the sun setting.

The sat nav didn’t pick up the new road lay out and took me in a circle and I ended up stopping at a farm to ask for directions. Wow what an amazing place, beautiful big stone L shaped farmhouse with one part painted white and beautiful hanging baskets filled with vibrant flowers. In the center hanging from a magnificent huge tree, was a unique swing made from an old style saddle. The little old lady was ever so helpful, it was so nice to see a genuine, welcoming smile in her eyes, something that we rarely see in strangers around here.

‘Sometimes when we think we are lost we are really finding our way home’

The whole day was very Affirming to me in so many ways but most prominent was the confirmation on my borderline ‘obsession’ of moving to the countryside, stepping back in time and living amongst a true community.

I AM so so grateful for the whole experience of that day.


When we begin to take full responsibility for our earthly experiences and interactions, we begin to become more health conscious too, as our own energy becomes lighter we have less tolerance for heaviness of any kind.  We start to take our own healing process as seriously as we do our friends and our clients.

So, a few weeks ago I faced one of my biggest fears and had an acupuncture session with my beautiful friend Jayne and today I had a wonderful energy exchange with my lovely friend Fran.

Again, I had a bit of a nightmare getting there today, the sat nav took me all over, including the wrong way down a motorway!

Resistance, its a dangerous thing if not addressed!  (I get it, thank you) 🙂

Though the total absence of panic/fear has left me wondering if I’m beginning to be too calm in the face of adversity, if that is possible? because even driving into speeding traffic didn’t instill an instant fear of imminent Disaster!

The treatment was fantastic, Fran practices a relatively unknown (in the West) form of massage that stems from Thailand. I had the ‘Abdominal Detox Massage’, which was absolutely wonderful and much more than I anticipated as it includes legs and arms also. It was very relaxing, just what I needed and highlighted a few areas in my life/health that I should be working harder on changing. I highly recommend a visit with Fran, you can check out her services here:


When I got home, Loui and I went for a walk as the sun was going down, it was meant to be a quick one but then I felt drawn to go check out the site for next Mondays Drum circle as im hoping to do it outdoors if the weather stays fine.  A few friends and I did a little Full Moon ceremony there on Friday 13th June 2014.


As we were walking along I thought how it would be great to build a fire pit there, but, theres no rocks or trees or anything other than fields there, and transporting rocks would be a bit difficult, so the thought of asking everyone to bring a brick along came to mind.

When we got there, I saw the pit in my mind as if it were there in 3D, so I set about looking for anything I could use to bring it forth.  And then there, in the corner of the field hidden beneath the grass, was part of an old wall!!

Haha gotta love the universe, it always provides 😀

So there I was digging in the mud and grass with my hands and lugging bricks around, in my little blue summer dress lol

Well I had a bit of a struggle getting a few of them out but not much of one really, and gradually the circle was coming together. I could have done with another two bricks but they were too solid for me to break loose, not giving up, I found a chunk of cement/rock that fit just nicely. 🙂

I spent a few moments in awe and gratitude at the whole thing then felt drawn to birth it into a medicine wheel, to hold the energy there until Monday.


Feeling very happy with myself today and in gratitude to the ancestors for the constant guidance,love and protection.


Mitakuye Oyasin ❤


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