Actions speak louder than words


Actions speak louder than words….

Life is like a ball game, to make it work harmoniously each member has to pull together as part of a team. Supporting each others moves, backing them up when things get tough and celebrating each others victories, publicly and personally.

Intention without action is like holding onto the ball without passing it down the field and encouraging your team mates to shine. Others may see our actions as special, heroic even but this will be short lived, not only in our team mates eyes but on our chosen path too.

Beware of the subtle blocks we create for ourselves that we lay at the feet of others, energy flows where attention goes.


What are you focusing on today?
Where will that focused energy flow or lead to  tomorrows, next week or next year?
Are your actions a match for your words?

Sit with this today, without self judgement and see what we can change to make a positive energy match.

Call upon the Ancestors to assist us in altering that circular path and to move forward, towards our dreams with balanced, thought, speech and action.



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